Why Walking Away Creates Respect and Attraction

I want to talk about why walking away from women is so powerful and so effective. If you’re dating a girl or you are starting to see somebody or even if you’re in a relationship with somebody, then, at any point in time, she might ask for space she or she might want to have distance.

She might say she doesn’t wanna be in a relationship, she’s questioning whether a relationship is right for her, or she needs to go and find herself again. Now, if that happens, walk away from a woman like that and show her that you’re willing to walk away because then you’re doing the most unexpected and powerful thing.

Walking away from a woman like that shows her that you’re confident because then you’re doing what 95% of men can’t do. A great majority of men—95% of men—cannot walk away from women. They just can’t. If a girl says to you, “I want to break up, and I don’t think this relationship is going to work out, maybe we should be friends.”

In this situation, if you walk away, you’re doing what 95% of the population can’t do. It’s challenging to walk away from a woman. And only a man who has a lot of confidence, a man who has many options, and a man who has a lot of confidence can walk away from women. This is why walking away builds such respect and attraction.

If you walk away from a woman, you send a lot of powerful messages all at once. These are subconscious messages, and it’s similar to going no contact.

No Contact Is Walking Away

Go no contact on a woman, and you send a lot of powerful messages simultaneously, which is really going to turn her on and make her even more attracted to you. That’s why I say don’t talk to a woman and explain why she’s lucky to be in a relationship with you. Don’t explain why you should be with her; don’t explain why she should be with you. And don’t explain how the relationship is fantastic and why you’re the right guy and the perfect choice for a long-term partner.

Suppose you try to explain why she should be in a relationship with you, and why she should be interested in you. In that case, she will think that you’re low value because low-value men try to persuade women to be in a relationship with them. The high-value man doesn’t try to convince a woman to be with him. A high-value man can walk away from a woman with no problem at all because the high-value man knows that he can go out and get another woman just like that.

This is a critical mindset to get into. Suppose your girlfriend starts to question the relationship, or she’s started saying she wants to be friends. In that case, it’s much better to walk away from her even if you sense that she’s showing you disrespect and she’s not appreciating you. Even if a girl is taking you for granted, or she’s being rude to you, or maybe she’s just being dismissive. In that case, if she’s not making you a priority as well, the fastest and easiest way to build attraction and create respect with a woman is to walk away from her.