She Wants to Breakup to Deal with Her Depression and Trauma

Girlfriend Wants to Breakup to Deal with Her Depression and Trauma

If your girlfriend says she wants to break up to deal with her depression or trauma, you need to know the best way to handle this situation. She might say she has depression, anxiety, or trauma and these issues are from childhood.

Maybe daddy shouted at her when she was younger. Maybe her teacher said something, and she can’t get over it. Now she’s telling you that this trauma or past event is the reason why she’s pulling away from you. Be careful. There’s a good chance that this isn’t the real reason why she wants to get away from you.

If a woman isn’t attracted to you or you do things that make her feel a loss of attraction, she will pull away from you. She will wonder why she’s pulling away from you when you’re doing everything right on paper.

You’re responsive, you’re being loving, and being available. All those good, nice, sweet qualities–you’ve got them. Thus, she’s not going to understand why she wants to pull away from you. Yet, her subconscious brain is telling her that you’re relationship-focused and acting feminine.

Her thought process will look like this: I want to pull away from him because something doesn’t feel right. He isn’t the right man for me. She comes to this conclusion because you’ve been too available and relationship-focused.

This is the point where you must embrace your masculine energy. Women will often give many reasons why they’re pulling away from you or want to break up. They’ll tell you it’s because they’re depressed because something happened in their childhood that was traumatic.

As a result, they now have to go away and work on themselves. Trust me. It’s not about “working on themselves.” It’s about you and their loss of attraction to you. The moment you fix the attraction issue is the moment her depression, anxiety, and trauma disappear.

This is not to make light of depression and trauma. But if a woman has a genuine problem, you would know about it beforehand. You would see the signs. In other words, her problems wouldn’t appear out of thin air.

When a woman loses attraction, she might not know how to verbalize her loss of attraction. If you’ve been a nice guy and ticked all the “right boxes.” She’s going to conclude that it must be a problem with her, not you. That or she wants to let you down without hurting your feelings.

If your girlfriend were into you before, you’d know when something doesn’t feel right. Her sudden withdrawal won’t make sense. Your girlfriend can’t go from “high attraction” to “low attraction” for no logical reason.

Thus, your main goal here is to restore attraction. You must do the opposite of what you’ve been doing up until this point. You must bring a sense of mystery, space, tension, and challenge back into the relationship. If you can do this, it’s easy to restore attraction in a short space of time.