Women Can’t Love You The Way You Want to be Loved

Did you ever get the sense that women don’t really care about you? Live long enough and get enough experience and you’ll sense this intuitively and feel it in your bones. Sure, our mothers care about us, but women literally do no care about men.

At first, it’s a depressing fact and hard reality to accept. It’s certainly a bitter pill to swallow and it is the red pill. It can lead to a lot of anger when you come to this realization but I think men are aware of this on a subconscious level. Even though we resist this thought. Even though we fight against this hard truth. We must come to accept the fact that women will never really love us the way we want to be loved.

When I first found out about women’s natures years ago, it stung. I sensed it with women but I never knew how to put my finger on it. I sensed with a lot of my own girlfriends that they didn’t really care about me. They cared about “the promise of a future I could give them” or “how comfortable I could make their life”— I was a projection of their fantasies and if I made them feel something, spiking their emotions, they appreciated me more.

Ironically enough, the nicer I was to women the less they appreciated me. I remember one girl almost ghosting me years ago after I bought her a practical gift (not too expensive) that I thought would make her life better… I also used to be really into painting as a hobby. And I remember when women looked at my paintings, they just didn’t give a f@#k and had zero interest in the work or why I created it because it served no purpose to them (unlike men who had genuine interest). 

Even more recently, and you can probably empathize with this, I noticed that women never ask how I’m doing, how I’m feeling, are you stressed with work, is everything okay? They just don’t give a shit. Unlike my male friends who are on the same level and understand the type of stress that men deal with on a daily basis.

So, the bottom line is: women just don’t love us the way we want to be loved. But they certainly love the way we make them feel. Then they get pregnant and give their true love to the kids. I should state that women can love, but it’s not the way we love. They love you through respect, admiration and honor.

The more respect they have for you, the more love they have for you. If she doesn’t respect you, she won’t love you, work to win you over, give you affection and respect, and be careful not to cross certain boundaries.

Understanding this should help you get into an alpha mindset as you come to realize that you don’t have to care with women. You don’t have to make an effort because they are simply not worth it. You don’t need to care if you upset her, you don’t need to care about trying to win her over, you don’t need to care about getting her attention.

Instead, you must make her care and make her invest in you instead. Reality is brutal, but it will change your life and make you feel better if you embrace it. If there is one key take away and positive aspect of this message it’s this: as men, we don’t need love; we need respect. The moment you stop caring, results come.

Seek respect and love will follow! How do you get respect? You raise your value in the eyes of the world. This means you must stop seeking love; stop seeking those “good morning, I love you” text messages; stop seeking her touch; and stop seeking her out as a source of comfort; then, and only then, will your woman give you love and respect in abundance.