How To Really Attract A Girl - Get Inside Her Head

How To Really Attract A Girl – Get Inside Her Head

When it comes to light the spark of “real” attraction girls you must be bold and push for intimacy. If you want to spike attraction with a woman and turn her attraction switch on, you have to make an impact and you have to make a move.

The moment you make a move on a woman you signal your confidence and your desire. Women are turned on by this confidence and desire, and, even if they didn’t like you before, they are much more likely to find you attractive now.

When you push for intimacy you must be aware that even if you kiss a woman and a woman will pulls away and rejects you, she is most likely doing this because she is in a state of shock. This is what you want. Because then, when she goes to bed, all she can think about is the kiss. 

Guess what? You have now just turned her attraction switch ON.

This is interesting because it enables you to take a woman from a position of very low interest (i.e., Not thinking about you at all) to a place where all she can think about is you. 

In other words, where once you weren’t even on her radar, now you become a very real, sexual possibility. But, again, you have to have the confidence to make an impact with a woman and make a move. The further you go, in terms of intimacy with a woman, the greater the impact you make.

All the dreaming and hoping and wishing in the world isn’t enough to spark attraction. If you want to spark real attraction with a woman, the best advice I can give you is this: make an impact and make a move on her. Ask her out, push for intimacy, go for the kiss, push for more.

Even if the impact is a shock, or a surprise, or at first a little unwelcome. Even if the woman rejects you when you make a move because it came out of nowhere, you don’t need to worry about getting the immediate result. You must focus on the long game as you have now planted the seed for her desire to grow (she goes away, thinks about what happened, and is turned on by your boldness).

Now, many men chicken out and never make a move. They are too scared to approach a woman, and they are too scared to even kiss a girl or push for sex. As a result, these men end up living a life filled with regret. Do you want to be one of these men, just another statistic?

And, as I’ve often said before, regret is more painful than rejection. At least with rejection you know where you stand. You can have no regrets, and you can go to your grave knowing that you gave it your best shot. This applies to all areas of life not just relationships.

So, if you really want to turn the girl’s attraction switch on and get her attracted to you, make a move and push for intimacy.

Often, if a girl rejects you at first, she now has time to go away and think about you and reassess the situation in a calm way. She can go to bed at night and dream of that moment when you grabbed hold of her and kissed her out of nowhere. 

What a shock! What a surprise! Now she can’t stop thinking about you and that moment…

Then, when you see her again, don’t be surprised if she becomes much more flirtatious and amorous around you. Don’t let her initial rejection stop you from making another move as well. You must continue to push for intimacy.

Before you make a move and when you’re interacting with a girl you want to attract, simply keep your interactions with her light and fun and relaxed, touch her flirtatiously like I mention in my book, and don’t be afraid to push for intimacy.

However, it must be noted: this doesn’t mean you can go around with a blank check to kiss any girl you want. If your sexual market value is low (you’re out of shape, you’re overweight, you’re broke, you’re uneducated), you will have limited success with women.

You need to work on yourself first and get yourself to a place where you happy and confident in your own skin. Then, at this point, you can approach any woman you want and expect a high degree of success.

And, if she continues to put up resistance, be willing to walk away. At least if you push hard for intimacy and on the small chance it fails, you will vet her out and you won’t need to waste anymore time pursuing her unless she comes to you again. In that case, it means she wants you to keep trying.