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The Most Attractive Behavior and Mindset to Attract Women

When you think about what actions and behaviors are most attractive to women, your actions and behaviors must be based upon the strongest form of action you can take as opposed to weak forms of action.

These strong actions, for men, are based on indifference (not jealousy and neediness), confidence (not insecurity), low effort (versus high effort) and mystery (versus open book and emotional). Think 007 here. What would he do in your situation?

Bond wouldn’t chase a girl or spend time thinking about her or worrying about how to message a girl… no hero would do this because it would make him look pathetic.

Could you imagine Bond sitting at home checking his phone 20 times a minute to see if his girlfriend sent him a message?

Do you want to look and behave in a way that is pathetic? Of course you don’t because this will make you look weak and unattractive. If you imagine that you are the star of your own movie and watch your behavior from a third-person perspective, do you act and behave like a man or a pussy?

If you feel weak and powerless and needy around women, you need to change your mindset to one of indifference.

When you think about will she come back? Your mindset must be: who cares. Does she miss you? Who cares. Will you see her again? Who cares. If you can develop this mindset you will become a lot more attractive to all women. You will all have less stress, less anxiety, and more power in your life and relationships as well.