Focus on a Womans Actions

Focus on a Woman’s Actions and Know the Truth

When dealing with women it’s crucial to focus on their actions, not their words. If you do this you will know the truth about what she is thinking and feeling. The real truth. If a woman is making an effort to see you and spend time with you, then you can see that she wants to be with you and she values you. If not, then you are being clouded in your judgement.

If a woman shows, through her actions, that she isn’t interested in seeing you or hanging out with you, you must show her through your actions that you can walk away from her. If you don’t like what she’s doing, pull back and show her that you’re not going to invest in her or make the effort if she isn’t making the effort to spend time with you or give you a chance to seduce her.

A woman must invest in you, not the other way around. If she is doing things that disrespect you and upset you then don’t invest in her. Make sure that she is the one trying to win you over. If you don’t like her behavior and the way she is acting, pull back and show her through your actions that you don’t need her in your life.

This simply means that she knows she has to change if she wants to have you in her life. Nine times out of ten, a woman will change her behavior dramatically around you if you show her that can walk away from her.

Sometimes, it’s true, you will never hear from girl again if you cut her off. So be it. You know where you stand. She was only using you for validation or to make herself feel desirable.

You must, however, take care of yourself first, respect yourself, hold yourself with dignity, and walk away from women if they start making your life difficult. It’s easy to find another woman, only the man with limited options and limited confidence hangs onto a woman who makes life difficult for him.