When is a Man’s Prime? | Dating and Age Difference

“Guys, until they’re 33, are really useless.” – Jennifer Lopez

The following is based on a true story and is an example of why you must own your age, and be unafraid of age difference when dating women. You can also use your age as an opportunity to display confidence and maturity:

Dan had been dating Lisa (26) for 5 months when, sitting down in an airport departure lounge, she noticed Dan’s driver’s license. He was 37 not 31.

“You’re thirty seven?” Lisa asked, putting Dan on the spot. Dan didn’t know how to respond. He thought about lying or making up an excuse “It’s a fake license” but all the excuses he could think of sounded ridiculous.

“Oh, yeah, you didn’t know I’m thirty seven?” he sweated.

“You told me you were thirty one.”

“Did I? I can’t remember…” Dan stumbled on.

Lisa bit her lip, eyes burning hot coals. “You lied to me.”

“I didn’t… I…”

“You know if you told me you were thirty seven, it wouldn’t have changed anything. I would have still liked you. I probably would have found you even more attractive,” she muttered. “Now you’re just like all those other guys, a liar and a coward.”

There is a toxicity in Western culture that says a man can only date a woman the same age as him. This is not only untrue, but it runs contrary to the laws of nature where women are naturally more attracted to older men than younger men. But modern culture would have us believe that a man’s prime is twenty one.

Where a woman is considered to be in her physical prime in her twenties, a man is considered most attractive between ages 35 and 45+. Unlike women who are judged mostly on their physical appearance, a man’s attractiveness is based on a combination of skill, appearance, confidence, status, and experience.

Further research into age and attraction shows that women, on average, find older men more attractive than younger men. These findings hold true even if a woman is financially independent and self-sufficient, suggesting that even when a woman has the freedom to choose her romantic partner without financial considerations, she will still choose to be with an older man who is more likely to be fun and possess greater experience and wisdom.

While most men don’t hit their prime until they’re in their thirties or forties, a lot of men are already out of shape and physically unattractive by this age. This is usually a result of too much alcohol, smoking, and junk food consumption.

As a general rule, the more overweight and out of shape a man is the more difficult it will be for him to attract and date beautiful women (unless the man has exceedingly high levels of status and wealth to compensate for his physical shortcomings).

When it comes to age and telling women your age, you have to own it and tell the truth. Age difference only becomes a problem if you’re ashamed or embarrassed about your age. Simply turn the tables as you say to a woman: I didn’t realize you were so young, you’re just a kid. Make her feel as though she’s too young for you. Women respond to that and are more inclined to win your approval in response. This is also a great way to display confidence and show a woman that you are unaffected by what she thinks of you.