How to Date and Have Sex With Thai Girls

How to Date and Have Sex With Thai Girls – The Dirty Truth!

If you want to date and have sex with Thai girls then this article will show you the easiest way to do this. This is the dirty truth based on years of experience, friends in Thailand, and men I have consulted with.

10 Tips to Date and Have Sex With Thai Girls

  1. Use Line App (to message Thai girls)
  2. Bargirls/freelancers are easy
  3. Middle-class Thai girls are conservative
  4. High society girls are next to impossible
  5. Go to Nana and Asoke for fun
  6. Use apps like Smooci for easy sex
  7. Use online dating to meet nice Thai girls
  8. Best dating websites (ThaiCupid, ThaiFriendly, Tinder)
  9. Dress to impress, even though it’s hot!
  10. Day game works, but only in limited situations

Dating and sex with Thai girls has its advantages. Thai girls are feminine, slim, generally fun and easy-going.

This is in contrast to a lot of Western women, who are overweight, masculine, argumentative, and demanding.

Having said that, this article isn’t going to sugarcoat anything. This is the truth on how to date and have sex with Thai girls (including good girls, bad girls, bargirls and more).

Thai Girls Are Conservative

To the outside world, Thai women appear to be some of the easiest and most sexually liberal women on the planet. In reality, Thailand is actually a conservative country.

When you hear stories about Thailand and watch movies like The Hangover Part 2 it’s natural to think that Thailand is this crazy part of the world where everyone is having sex and Thai women will sleep with everyone and anyone.

In truth, this “wild craziness” represents only a small part of Thailand (like Soho in London or the Vegas Strip). In Bangkok, Nana (Soi 4) and Soi Cowboy (two small red light districts) comprise the main areas where hookers and bargirls congregate. 

There are other red light districts spattered around Thailand that, as a foreigner, you will never know about or have access to (unless you’re introduced by a Thai person).

Suffice to say, Thailand appears to be a relaxed, sexually liberal country, but dig a little deeper beneath the surface and you’ll soon discover that Thailand is anything but liberal and sexually open.

With that said, if you come to Thailand on holiday and you stay in the Nana area (like many tourists) or you go to Khao San Road (an area almost on the outskirts of Bangkok), you will only see the “tourist version” of Thailand.

You’ll leave Thailand with the belief that it’s easy to have sex with Thai girls and that Thailand is a crazy, wild place (just like in the movies).

It’s important to note that large sections of Thai society would love to have these red light districts closed down. They are embarrassed by these areas as they rub against their conservative values.

Easy Sex With Thai Girls

Before we get into how to have sex with Thai girls, we need to look at the different type of Thai girls and what is the best way to seduce them.

In Thailand the line is often blurred between bargirls, massage girls, and hookers. These three types of girls are the easiest Thai girls to have sex with.

In general, bargirls, massage girls, and hookers come from poorer families (often from Isaan), and they are much more open to dating and having sex with foreigners.

Because Thai society has a social class and Thai society is hierarchical, darker skinned Thai girls and girls from provinces like Isaan are pretty much at the lower end of the social hierarchy.

Most Thai men do not dream of marrying dark skinned Thai girls and poor girls from the countryside. In a country that values “light skin” (as evidenced by the fact that they fill their moisturizer products with skin whitening chemicals), dark skinned girls are the least desired type of girls among local Thais.

These girls know this and they understand their position in society. Often, these Thai girls are from poorer families with lower levels of education. 

As a result, they move to places like Bangkok (and other tourist areas) and frequently take up work in massage parlors (both legit and non-legit parlors). These girls also work as bargirls, and others will become hookers.

If you want to have easy sex with Thai girls, freelancers and bargirls are your best bet.

Where to Get Sex With Thai Girls

The best places to go to have sex with Thai girls are Nana (including Nana Plaza and Soi 4), Soi Cowboy, the massage parlors on Soi 23, and the soapie massage parlors in Ratchada.

If you want to see a Thai bar at its craziest, where the girls take all their clothes off, pop into Crazy House on the corner of Soi Cowboy. And for light-hearted fun and entertainment, Spanky’s in Nana Plaza is worth a visit.

Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are the best places for tourists who just want to have fun and have sex with Thai girls. They are, of course, pay for play establishment and if you want to take any of the girls out of the bars or have sex with a Thai girl in a massage parlor, you will have to pay for the privilege (prices are negotiable).

Avoid Bargirls for Relationships

It must be said: bargirls are barely tolerable. While they are nice enough (in their own way), their level of English, education, erratic behavior, and insufferable conversation leaves something to be desired.

These are not the type of girls you want to spend time with or bring home to your parents. Once you’ve had your fun, that’s it. End of story. Close the book.

If you fall in love with a bargirl, don’t be surprised if you end up paying the price for your transgressions sooner rather than later.

These girls are not suitable for marriage or long-term relationships. They often cheat. And many have numerous satellite boyfriends, feeding them money from overseas. 

These Thai girls are jealous by nature (as they will expect you to do unto them as they do unto you).

Their extreme jealousy and frequent acts of insanity are often fueled by drugs and alcohol (look no further if you want excessive drama in your life).

Bargirls have also had so many sexual partners that they are often desensitized to sex and they are numb to genuine feelings of love and romance.

As a result, these girls can cut men out of their life with incredible ease (this usually happens the moment the man fails to fulfill his financial obligations).

These girls will often ask for money and expect you to pay everything. If you want to keep them around, you’ll need to make sure you never run out of cash.

As a final word of warning, don’t confuse erratic, crazy behavior with feminine behavior.

I’ve spoken to lots of men who have had problems with Thai girls. These men will often tell me that their girlfriend keeps asking for money; that their girlfriend is cutting herself and acting crazy; that their girlfriend has fits of jealous rage and major tantrums…

In situations like this the same phrase keeps popping up, “But it’s okay, she’s Thai.”

It’s not okay.

If she was a Western girl and she acted like this, you’d have her committed to a psychiatric hospital. Just because you’re in Thailand, don’t give these girls a free pass just because they’re Thai.

If you want to get screwed out of your life savings and lose your peace of mind in the process, look no further than Thai girls (from the bar, red light districts and massage parlors).

These girls are NOT girlfriend/wife material, but they are a great source of easy sex.

If you want to meet these types of women and have some quick, easy fun, You can find these girls on Tinder, Thai Friendly, and Thai Cupid; and if you want girls delivered to your room you can use a service like Smooci (where you can choose girls online, vet their pictures, and they will come to your room).

Online Dating In Thailand

Although online dating is not the best way to meet girls in general, as a foreigner, online dating is definitely the best way to meet and date Thai girls.

Thai girls are timid and shy by nature, so online dating is a safe and easy way for these girls to meet men. 

You will still need a level of patience when doing online dating with Thai girls––this is not Tinder 2013 where all you had to do was show up to score.

These days apps and dating sites like Tinder, Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid are swamped with foreigners looking to meet Thai girls. Still, don’t be discouraged.

This just means you will need to be more patient and have a good online profile if you want to meet some attractive Thai girls. 

Compared to the West, you can meet many beautiful Thai women online, but keep in mind, many Thai women have been burnt by foreign men and have their guard up. 

There is even a Facebook group where Thai women come together to report “bad foreign men” who have lied to them or cheated them.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t date Thai girls, but it does mean some women have their guard up (unlike in the past).

It’s still easy to meet Thai girls online but at first bite they won’t be the good, virginal types. They will be the poorer, darker skinned types (usually massage girls, bargirls, or girls from the countryside) who are lower down on the Thai social ladder.

If you meet a girl online and it seems too good to be true, it’s because it is. These girls are likely to be older, single mothers, or from a poorer part of Thailand (i.e., anywhere outside of Bangkok).

As a general rule: lighter skinned Thai girls often take a lot more work and patience to date. Furthermore, light skinned Thai girls usually have a preference for all things Thai (this includes dating Thai men).

Generally, the poorer the girl or the darker the skin, the more open to dating foreigners she will be.

Easy Thai Girls (Fun, Sexy and Better English)

Easy Thai Girls (Fun, Sexy and Better English)

Thai people are often stunned when a foreigner comes to Thailand and ends up hooking up (no pun intended) with a bargirl or dark-skinned Isaan beauty.

Why on earth would a man do such a thing? The Thai person thinks. She’s so uneducated. So low class. So dark skinned. So trashy…

Alas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what many Thais fail to appreciate is that dark skin and exotic features are rare in the West.

These dark skinned beauties (who hail from the provinces) are often curvier, sexier, and more liberal and friendly than their middle-class counterparts.

These girls often hail from poor families and come to Bangkok to take up honest work (and not so honest work).

These girls are acutely aware of their place in Thai society and have no illusions about where they stand and their chance of progressing in life.

It is highly unlikely that a poor, dark skinned Thai girl will be able to meet and marry a middle-class/wealthy Thai man. 

Cast down by society, these girls are left with only two options: poor/uneducated Thai men in the same situation as themselves… or foreign men.

As all women, by nature, strive to improve their social position, foreign men are often a good fit for these women.

Foreign men have the money to “rescue” a girl from a life of indentured servitude, and foreign men are generally ignorant of a Thai girl’s place in society (making it easier for the man to treat the woman as an equal).

You can meet good, but fairly uneducated, poor Thai girls working as shop assistants, coffee shop girls, and walking around the malls and streets of Bangkok.

You can also meet these girls in abundance online. 

Middle-Class Thai Girls (Conservative)

Middle-class girls make up a huge section of Thai society. These girls are mostly university educated and conservative by nature.

If you’re living in Thailand or looking to come to Thailand to meet a nice, feminine Thai girl with good family values who is loyal and loving, these are the type of girls you want to date.

Now, as a foreigner, it’s easy to imagine that you can just swoop into Thailand and these virginal girls will be desperate to date you.

You’re white, you’re good looking, you’ve got money, and you come from a first world country… yeah, these girls couldn’t care less about that.

These girls can be difficult to seduce for the simple reason that they are raised in conservative Thai families, have strong Buddhist values, and don’t speak much English (the level of English in Thailand is poor in general beyond superficial greetings and business transactions).

The other factor that makes your average, middle-class Thai girl difficult to seduce is that Thailand doesn’t have a one-night-stand culture like the West.

It’s easy to be fooled into thinking that because you make $5,000 back home, you can waltz into Thailand and have sex with a middle-class Thai girl (who only makes $1,000 a month if she’s lucky). 

Sounds like a great deal. She’d be crazy not to go for it, right?

Again, it’s the classic, you’ve got the cash, you’ve got the looks, you’ve got the passport, “Why the hell doesn’t she like me?” paradox.

All the while there are several crucial factors working against you:

1) Middle-class Thai girls aren’t as interested in your money as you think they are. Yes, they might not make as much money as you, but their social status and their relationship with society is much more important than you and your money.

2) The nature of love and dating is different in Thailand compared to the West. Hence the joke: When a Western man marries a Thai woman, the girl’s parents come first, then the children, then the family dog, then the husband.

It’s a joke, but there’s a ring of truth to it.

3) The other issue you must overcome is the fact that you can’t speak Thai, or your Thai is limited. This will rule out a large section of Thai girls you can have sex with because you won’t be able to meet them, seduce them, and date them in the first place.

In the back of every good Thai girl’s mind, there are several thoughts running through her head: (1) What will her friends and family think of you (very important in Thai culture); (2) Can she communicate with you? (3) Are you someone she could marry? And (4) What will her family think of you? Again! Yes, this issue really is that important.

Hi-So Girls (Difficult and High Maintenance)

Hi-So Girls (Difficult and High Maintenance)

Hi-so (high society) girls are Thai girls who sit at the top of Thai society. They are rich, educated, elegant, dressed-to-the-nines, and usually fair skinned (often through cosmetic manipulation).

These girls are often light skinned to the point of being pale. And they are often skinny (to the point of being bone thin). They may or may not be Thai-Chinese, but they are certainly rich and from wealthy, influential families.

In addition, there are many regular Thai girls who are “wannabe hi-so girls.”

Bangkok has had a massive population growth in recent years. This, mixed with a society that is hierarchical and unequal in structure, results in many lower class Thais looking to raise their status and improve their lot in life.

These “wannabe hi-so” girls are not rich, but they will pretend to be rich, spending large amounts of money getting into debt just to keep up appearances. These wannabe hi-so girls are intolerable and are best avoided.

Hi-so girls usually live in the richest parts of Bangkok (Phroem Phong and Thong Lo). You wouldn’t know these areas were wealthy just from walking down the street, but the property values are very expensive indeed.

Hi-so girls usually hang out in glamorous malls in Bangkok (like Gaysorn, Paragon and EM Quartier). You will also spot them at The Commons (Thong Lo) and other boutique cafes and expensive restaurants.

Despite what a lot of foreigners (farang) think, you will most likely never meet a real hi-so girl, let alone date one.

If you’re a foreigner who thinks he’s dating a hi-so girl, there’s a 99% chance you’re not. You’re most likely dating a “wannabe” hi-so girl.

Real hi-so girls come from generations of Thai wealth and status. These girls and their families keep to themselves. And they generally only socialize, date, and marry other hi-so people.

Hi-so girls do NOT date foreigners because dating a foreigner taints their social status and their precious reputation.

Yes, this stance is loaded with hypocrisy, considering the fact that most hi-so girls (and guys) go to the West to get a proper “elite” education.

For the most part, hi-so families want their daughters to marry into other hi-so families where they can solidify their Thai connections with a view to increasing their local wealth and power.

As a foreigner, you do not fit into this framework (unless you are equally “hi-so” wealthy and powerful in the West).

Your chance of meeting a real hi-so girl is slim. I have heard stories from friends who have met hi-so girls in clubs and bars and the girls won’t even deign to acknowledge them.

In the girl’s mind, it is unbecoming to be seen talking to, or socializing with a foreign man. Her value and status will be lowered in the eyes of others if she speaks to a foreigner; and Thailand is a country that is, if anything, very status conscious.

In general, wannabe hi-so girls are also not looking to date foreigners, but these girls will probably make an exception if you’re rich or good looking.

If you have lots of cash, these girls will happily spend your money and act like a spoiled brat in the process.

I recommend you stay away from these types of hi-so women (the real and the fake). They are locked in their own world, a world that is small, superficial, and insular.

Most Thai Girls Aren’t Looking For Fun

Thailand isn’t the West. The “let’s have fun and hook-up and see where it goes” style of dating doesn’t apply to Thai girls.

Thai girls are raised in a non-sexual culture. A culture where every girl is trained, almost from birth, to focus on finding a good husband to have children with.

If you want to have sex with Thai girls who are middle-class (or girls that are considered normal in society), you have to overcome some difficult issues that will conflict with your Western values.

Having sex with these Thai girls is possible, but it’s not as easy you think. It’s going to require patience and persistence.

You can still meet, date and have sex with “good” Thai girls, but it’s not going to be done the same way that you would do it in the West.

It’s unlikely that you will just walk into a nightclub and find a nice middle-class Thai girl waiting for you.

You can find these girls in nightclubs (in RCA for example), but these girls are usually quite clique, hanging out in groups of Thai friends (who only speak Thai). Good luck breaking the ice there…

You can day game these girls, where you speak to them during the day when they’re out and about (around university areas, 7/11’s, malls, etc.). 

That said, it is really easy to get a Thai girl’s number, but don’t think for a minute that it’s going to be that easy to get her out on a date.

Thai women rarely say no to giving their number out. Their culture doesn’t allow them to lose face and they don’t want you to lose face either. 

Getting numbers isn’t the difficult part, it’s getting the date afterwards that is the hard part.

Get a girl’s number in the West and you’ll probably have a decent conversion rate, get a girl’s number in Thailand and you’ll be lucky to see her again.

Note: In general, the darker the girl’s skin, the more success you’re likely to have with the girl. The lighter the girls skin, the harder it will be to date her.

Thai girls aren’t used to meeting strangers. Usually, a Thai girl meets a man at school or university; otherwise, she is introduced to someone through mutual friends or family.

Meeting a (foreigner) stranger on the street isn’t part of a normal, Thai girl’s mental framework. These girls will still be polite to you, but they will be scared, and they are unlikely to take the interaction further.

Now, before you think I’m being too much of a Debbie Downer, here’s the good news… nice Thai girls are available to foreigners if you know where to look.

Thai Girls That Like Foreigners 

If you want to date and have sex with regular Thai girls, then you’re going to need to come to Thailand for more than just a short holiday.

Thai women are both feminine and traditional. This means they expect you to stick around for more than just a week of fun and debauchery.

As previously mentioned, Thai girls want more than just sex and casual dating, they look at relationships with a view to marriage (and an enhancement of their current social status).

The type of Thai women who are interested in Western men usually have one of the following traits:

1) They are interested in Western culture and the English language.

Surprisingly enough, it’s a small percentage of girls who are interested in the West (compared to other countries), but they do exist.

These girls have usually travelled or studied overseas at some point in time. They are familiar with Western movies, music, culture, and Western men. 

This exposure to the West expands a Thai girl’s mind and allows her to look beyond the traditional Thai way of dating.

If you meet one of these Thai girls, they will show interest in you and be receptive to dating you.

They will be happy to practice their English with you (which will grow old fast but it’s par for the course).

2) The second group of Thai girls that are interested in dating foreign men are girls who inherently dislike Thai men.

Keep in mind, Thailand is the country with the highest rate of infidelity in the world (source: Statista).

This might sound strange for a country that is conservative by nature, but when it comes to being faithful, Thai men are notorious philanderers. 

Many Thai men will acquire a mistress (a mia noi) if given the chance. This is so engrained in Thai culture that Thai women often expect a Thai man to cheat at some point in time.

Despite the fact that Thailand is conservative by nature, when it comes to dropping panties, it turns out they aren’t so conservative after all.

I would argue that Thais are more conservative when it comes to maintaining face and social status, which inhibits dating and the ability to meet Thai women.

Because Thai men are known to cheat so frequently, there is a significant group of Thai women who prefer to date Western men.

These Thai girls believe that Western men are more decent and honest than Thai men (this is usually true for newly arrived foreigners, but not true for Westerners who have lived in Thailand for a decent amount of time).

Thai girls who have been cheated on by a Thai man often turn against Thai society and develop a preference for foreign men. 

If you ever watch Thai TV you’ll notice that most TV shows revolve around a man cheating on his “good” wife with an “evil” mistress.

Cheating, mate guarding, and jealousy is such a large part of Thai culture and the entertainment industry that it invariably spills out to directly influence Thai society at large.

A preference for foreign men is usually more prevalent in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai where girls have greater exposure to foreign men.

These two groups of women: “girls who are into Western culture” and “girls who’ve been burnt by Thai men” are the most common type of girls who are interested in foreign men.

What Thai Women Find Attractive

It must be said at this point that the majority of Thai girls are into Thai culture and Thai men.

The is partly due to the way Thai people are raised. Thailand is a fairly closed society, despite the presence of expats and huge numbers of tourists who pass through Thailand on a daily basis.

Thai people are indoctrinated from the moment they enter school into the ways of Thainess. Thai schools place great emphasis on teaching Thai customs and the Thai language; English learning and international relations is a distant afterthought in Thai schools.

Furthermore, Thailand is a country with its own entertainment industry. Quality notwithstanding, Thais produce their own music, TV shows and movies.

They have their own models, superstars, filmstars, actors, and musicians. 

Instead of importing their ideal aesthetic of beauty from the West (like Japan does), Thais have their own aesthetic ideal and it’s rooted in Thai culture and reinforced by the Thai media.

What Western women find attractive, is different to what Thai girls find attractive.

In the West, men are rewarded for projecting masculinity. If you’re muscular, assertive, dominant, confident and look masculine, Western women are more likely to find you attractive.

In Thailand, a muscular man who is dominant, overly confident, and masculine is likely to scare your average Thai girl away. Being too direct and assertive will terrify a conservative Thai girl.

A Thai girls version of a perfect man goes something like this: a soft-spoken, gentle, studious, feminine featured man who is thin and fair-skinned. Yes, these guys would get crucified in the West, but not in Thailand.

Foreign men aren’t the “ideal” that Thai women have been raised to find attractive, so it’s naive to think that when you arrive in Thailand, Thai women will flock to you and be all over you (unless you go to the red-light districts).

Dating Thai Girls

Dating Thai Girls

So now you know what Thai girls are like, how do you start dating Thai girls?

First, you’ll need to download the free Line app for your phone. Similar, to WhatsApp (but with more privacy), Line is a Japanese made app that all Thais use to communicate with each other.

No Line, no fun. Next, logistics…

Thailand is a hot and humid country. Because of this, Thais frequently like to spend their time indoors. In general, Thais are not physical people who like to spend their time outdoors (unlike the West).

As a result, if you date a Thai girl you will be spending the majority of your time indoors, doing indoor activities.

Most of your time will be spent dating girls in Malls (like Paragon, Central World, Em Quartier and Emporium). The malls are nice and better setup for social interactions than malls in the West.

Thai malls include cinemas, shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Thais girls love going to the cinema and visiting restaurants and coffee shops. These venues are all great places to date Thai women.

Also, it’s useful to note that Thai women love Thai food. And why wouldn’t they? They are raised on somtam and tom yum kung. Thai food is delicious and spicy and cheap. Much cheaper than Western food.

If you’re dating a Thai girl, don’t make the mistake of thinking that she would prefer to dine on expensive French food or Western cuisine. If you want to take a Thai girl out on a date that she’ll enjoy, take her to a Thai restaurant.

It’s a no brainer that Thai girls enjoy Thai food (much more than Western food) and your date will be happier to eat a bowl of rice than a plate of French fries. 

The Do’s of Dating Thai Girls

1) Thailand is a superficial society with a rich culture. In Thailand, appearances are everything. Dress to impress and you’ll get higher quality women. If you wear a nice suit and you’re prepared to sweat like a pig, you will get instant respect from Thai men and women. 

How often do you see Thai men wearing shorts? You don’t, even though it’s hot as hell. I personally wouldn’t bother to wear a suit and prefer to wear clothes I find comfortable. But if you really want to make an impression and get more women and interest from Thai girls, wearing a suit (or at least a button down shirt) is the easiest way to become an overnight success with Thai women.

2) If you speak Thai you will be able to communicate better with Thai women. This doesn’t mean that Thai society and Thai girls will accept you as one of their own. They won’t, no matter what you do or how hard you try. You will always be a foreigner “farang” in Thailand. Accept it and don’t try to fight it.

3) Expect to pay for dates and dinners. Thailand is a traditional culture and Thai women expect men to pay for them when they’re out on a date. In return, a Thai girl will take care of the feminine side of the relationship (cooking, cleaning, love, and affection).

4) Use superficial, slapstick humor. Your ability to converse with Thai girls will be limited if you don’t have a good grasp of Thai. Jokes and amusing anecdotes will often be lost in translation. 

Thai people are generally fun and like to enjoy life (sanuk “having fun” is an integral part of Thai culture). Where words fail, slapstick humor and non-verbal communication works wonders with Thai women.

5) Take the lead when dating Thai girls. Don’t be too pushy, but don’t forget it’s your job to lead her to the bedroom and push for intimacy. As a man, you’re expected to take the lead, even in Thailand.

The Don’ts of Dating Thai Girls

1) Don’t be assertive, borderline aggressive around Thai women. In other words, don’t get mad, shout, cause a scene.

In the West, you will be rewarded for standing your ground and not putting up with any BS, Thailand is a different story.

Face is a big deal in Thailand. You must try to maintain face (for yourself, your date, and other people). This generally means being polite, respectable, and not acting in a loud or offensive manner.

If you break with simple conventions, a Thai girl will get upset and it’s unlikely that you will ever see her again. If you want to cause a scene, do it behind closed doors.

2) Don’t worry if you catch a Thai girl in a lie. Yes, that sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it’s all about saving face. Thai people lie to save face and protect you and protect themselves from further embarrassment.

Expect it to happen and don’t get upset or be surprised when it does happen. And for God’s sake, don’t feel the need to call a girl out on her lie. It’s just the way her culture operates (for better or worse). White lies are the norm in Thailand.

3) Don’t be too flirtatious and hands on when dating a Thai girl. Public displays of affection are not appreciated in Thailand. It’s okay to hold a girls hand, but you won’t see Thai couples kissing in public.

4) Thai girls flake and cancel dates just like Western girls. Don’t be surprised when it happens and don’t lose your cool. Accept that dating in Thailand works differently to the West, and roll with the punches.

Losing your cool is a big “no no” and it will only cause more problems. It’s better to handle situations with a smile and a mai pen rai (no problem) attitude. 

5) Don’t try to turn a bargirl/freelancer into a girlfriend. Sometimes you will meet a girl in a bar or club, take her home and discover that she wants money (the sum of a plane ticket) for a taxi home.

To confuse matters further, this girl also has a legitimate office job. Frequently, Thai girls blur the line between being legitimate and working as an escort––these girls are known as freelancers.

Bottom line: if she asks for money, she’s not relationship material.

6) If you’re dating a Thai girl, don’t give her money or support her lifestyle (even if it’s for her parents or her “parent’s sick buffalo”).

Sin sod (money gifted to a Thai girl’s parents during marriage) is something that a Thai girl’s family often expects. The girl will tell you that it’s Thai culture to pay this money out of respect to her parents.

I disagree. I prefer to tell a girl that in Western culture, the father of the bride pays for the wedding. Watch her struggle as she tries to wrap her head around that one.

7) Don’t use condoms (just kidding, sort of… more on that later).

Sex With Thai Girls

When it comes to the bedroom, Thai girls are not shy about dropping panties. This applies to all types of Thai girls. They are not hung up on sex, yet, at the same time, Thai girls are not particularly sexual in nature.

Thai girls can be pretty and they can be beautiful, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call them sexy or sexual. Not in the same way that a curvaceous Colombian girl is sexy.

When you have sex with a Thai girl, don’t expect her to work it like a porn star, pulling off moves from the Karma Sutra.

Thai conservatism extends to the bedroom. When you get a Thai girl into bed, expect her to be demure, submissive and appear inexperienced. Thai men like virginal women, so this is the role she will play for you.

Don’t expect a Thai girl to be pulling off any advanced sexual moves or surprise you in the bedroom if she’s a regular middle-class Thai girl either.

If she’s one of the more uninhibited Thai girls from outside of Bangkok, then she will most likely be more adventurous in bed (the same applies to bargirls and massage girls).

One interesting thing to note is that Thai girl’s will often kick up a stink when you try to wear protection or pull out a condom. Safe sex is definitely not a priority in Thailand. 

Many Thai girls will get offended—yes, you heard that right—if you try to use a condom. According to Thai logic, when a man wears protection it means he has other sexual partners.

I’ve heard stories of condoms being ripped off by Thai girls during sex, and girls falling into a sour mood when a man offers to wear a condom. It’s a strange quirk of the culture, but it does happen.

Final Thoughts on Thailand

I lived in Thailand for many years. I still have friends who live in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and I have dealt with numerous men who are dating Thai girls. 

I’m often conflicted when I think about Thailand. It’s a great place to live. It’s easy. It’s relaxed. People don’t stick their nose into your business. The food is great and there is a real sense of freedom that comes with living in Thailand.

If you’ve got a bit of money, you can have a great life. If you don’t have money (like anywhere), life can suck and you can easily find yourself in trouble.

I always maintain that if you’re going to make it in Thailand, on both the women and lifestyle front, you do need a reasonable amount of self-control and discipline. 

This feeds into two dark statistics: (1) Thailand has the highest rate of foreigner suicides in the world: and (2) a large amount of homeless Westerners are stuck in Thailand after making bad life decisions.

If you’re in the right place, physically and mentally, you won’t be another one of these bad statistics. Having said that, three things that bothered me about Thailand were (1) the oppressive heat, (2) the nasty, congested traffic; and (3) the awful pollution. 

If you stay in Thailand long enough, you will eventually get jaded and fed up with the visa situation, Thai bureaucracy, and the Thai way of doing things can raise frustration levels to boiling point.

Again, you’ve got to roll with the punches… it’s Thailand. You take the good with the bad. And there is a lot of good.

The Thai people, by and large, are lovely. They are kind-hearted, fun, easy-going and don’t take life too seriously. Thailand is a safe place and you don’t need to worry about running into trouble (if you don’t go looking for trouble).

Generally, anyone who has trouble in Thailand goes looking for it. They make stupid, irrational decisions. Lose their temper. Or they get too involved in Thai politics and business (don’t get involved in Thai politics if you value your life and peace of mind).

When it comes to women, like all places, there are good people and bad people. Use common sense when dating Thai girls. See a gold digger for what she really is: an emotionally dead woman who is just after your money.

You’re not special and you’re not an exception. If you’re stupid and lack common sense, you will lose more than your shirt in Thailand. When things go wrong in the “Land of Smiles,” they go very wrong very fast.

Having spoken to a lot of men who have lived in Thailand, these men will often wax lyrical about the good old days before social media and Facebook came along.

Before social media, Thai girls used to be much more open, curious and interested in foreigners––this is true.

Nowadays, most Thai girls have their heads stuck in their phones 24/7. Narcissim runs rife among Thai women, with girls taking dozens of selfies a day.

Thailand is the country with the highest Facebook usage per capita. You would be hard pressed to find a Thai woman without a Facebook or Instagram account.

This fits with current research that found that in less developed countries where there is greater disparity between men and women, girls are more likely to use social media to raise their value and level of prestige.

One troubling aspect of Thailand, which I couldn’t help notice, was a certain level of Farang (foreigner) fatigue.

Thais have been exposed to foreigners for such a long time (with a constant stream of tourists since the Vietnam war). Bangkok now has the highest amount of tourists in the world at a staggering 30+ million tourist visitors per year.

Thais are no longer curious or all that interested in the presence of foreigners.

Unfortunately, many of the foreigners who came to Thailand were and are still not of the highest quality. A flood of sexpats and whoremongers have, over time, sullied the white man’s name.

Foreign men don’t have the best reputation in Thailand. And it doesn’t matter who you are, or if you have the best intentions––Thai women will still tar you with the same brush.

The downside of this phenomenon means that many Thai girls (who would be interested in dating foreign men) don’t because they are worried what other Thais will think of them.

If a Thai girl is seen with a foreign man will her family and friends think she’s working as a prostitute? Maybe. Possibly.

This thought is often enough to sink a Thai/foreign relationship before it even has a chance to get started.

That said, a lot of Thai women are absolutely gorgeous and sweet in disposition. These girls do exist. But if you want to seriously date a Thai girl, you will need to be on the ground in Thailand.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for sex with a Thai girl, there are plenty of girls who will cater to your needs on that front.

For dating and love, it’s better to move to Thailand so you can meet better quality women and filter out the bad apples.