Become So Attractive Women Can't Resist You

Become So Attractive Women Can’t Resist You

An international study into attraction found that women are much more likely to go on a date, go to bed, or go to the apartment of a man who’s rated “moderately high” or “highly” attractive. But as the study also discovered, these same women were unwilling to go on a date, go to bed, or go to the apartment of a man rated “less” attractive. If you want to become more attractive, this article will show you how to become infinitely more attractive to women.

Attractive people have easier lives. Attractive people make more money, get more promotions, get better jobs, have more friends, and have more intimacy.

At first, it’s natural to assume a man must be physically handsome in much the same way a woman is physically beautiful to be considered attractive.

Men often believe they don’t have what it takes to be attractive; attraction isn’t for them, it belongs to those ethereal creatures blessed with great physical beauty.

You might think you’re not tall enough, not talented enough, not interesting enough, and not good looking enough to be attractive. But as you’re about to discover the nature of attraction is often deceptive.

When a woman looks at a man she considers attractive, she isn’t looking for a pretty face or beautiful features as so many advertising campaigns would have you believe. Instead, she’s looking for indicators of strength and a “rugged visage” characterized, most prominently, by the presence of testosterone.

I would be doing you a huge disservice writing an article about attraction if I told you that looks don’t matter. Human beings are superficial creatures, and when it comes to attraction, looks are undoubtedly important.

Most men, however, assume that the features that make a woman attractive are the same features that make a man attractive—they are not. Men and women are attractive in different ways.

Watch any advertising campaign or TV commercial and it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that societies’ view of male beauty is a man with a feminine face and soft features.

Despite the fact the media often portrays feminine men as the ideal, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of women don’t find feminine men attractive or appealing.

Become More Attractive

Become More AttractiveIn general, healthy, masculine features are the type of features women find most desirable. If you focus on cultivating beautiful features, yes, you might be considered handsome and aesthetically pleasing, but you’ll do little to generate attraction. One interesting study into facial attractiveness found that facially attractive men (meaning men with attractive masculine features) have better sperm quality than non-facially attractive men.

In most cases, when a man is considered facially attractive, this means he displays strong traces of testosterone characterized by the presence of facial hair, a thicker brow, and a broad chin.

Testosterone tells a woman that a man has good genes and a healthy reproductive capacity.

Research carried out by the University of California, Davis discovered that women are looking for significantly fewer physical qualities compared to men when selecting a mate.

To further corroborate these findings, a study conducted by researchers at Aquinas College confirmed that the cognitive aspect of attraction is much more important to women than it is to men.

Women also tend to focus more on a man’s behavior, personality, and attitude as a measure of attraction as opposed to his physical attributes.

So, if a man’s physical attributes are relatively unimportant in the realm of attraction, what is it about men that women find most attractive? And what is it that compels women to seek men out for love, intimacy, and reproduction?

Attraction Is Grounded In Biology

become more attractive to womenWomen, as the research indicates, are looking for signs of strength and confidence. Every decision a woman makes concerning attraction comes back to one crucial point: can you, as a man, provide her with strong, healthy children? If the answer is yes, her child is more likely to grow up to be healthy, strong, and capable of reproduction, ensuring the longevity of the woman’s genes well into the future.

Every time a woman considers going on a date, becoming intimate, and getting into a relationship, she is assessing, at a subconscious level, the strength of her date’s DNA and his ability to create strong, healthy offspring.

Still, there are times when women choose to date and marry men they don’t find attractive. In this case, the woman opts to settle down with a beta male who’s caring, nurturing, beta qualities make for an excellent provider.

But are these women attracted to their beta partners? The answer, of course, is a resounding no. The woman has simply chosen to settle down with a beta male as she seeks out stronger more confident men for intimacy and reproduction.

This relationship dynamic provides women with the best of both worlds—a provider husband and the strongest possible DNA for her offspring. It is, at the same time, unfortunate that the beta male reaps few benefits in this arrangement with all the real, tangible benefits going to the woman and her alpha partner.

Given a choice between an alpha male and a beta male, a woman will always choose to be with a strong, confident man for romance, marriage, and intimacy.

If your goal is to become more attractive, you must first understand the core elements of attraction. For instance, how can you emulate the behavior of an alpha male and attract more women into your life?

At this point, it’s important not to become fixated on attributes you can’t change like your age, ethnicity, and height.

(As an aside, it’s interesting to note that men often assume that tall people are more attractive; however, a revealing study carried out by Ohio State University discovered that women don’t prefer to date tall men, they just prefer to date men who are taller than themselves. A man’s height is, of course, relative to a woman’s height.)

Instead of focusing on those physical attributes you can’t change, it’s always better to think of female attraction for what it is in its purest form: women are attracted to strength and masculinity.

Anything you can do to enhance your strength and masculinity will make you significantly more attractive to women.

Case Study: Make an Impact

Case Study: Make an ImpactPeter worked as an account executive for a large insurance company; and at age 35, he felt like he was doing pretty well for himself. He had a good income, a nice car, and a spacious condo overlooking the city.

One morning, Peter stopped by his favorite coffee shop on his way to work. As soon as he walked through the door, he saw her—a beautiful woman standing by the counter. Wow, Peter thought, she looks amazing.

Peter stood by the entrance to the coffee shop, watching the woman’s every move. Her delicate hands closed the lid on her coffee as she strolled right past him on her way out the door. Her perfume, sweet and flowery, lingered in the air long after she was gone. From that moment on, Peter was hooked.

Peter decided there and then to make it a part of his daily routine to stop by the coffee shop every morning before work, where, at exactly 8:45 a.m., every Monday and Wednesday, the same woman would walk into the coffee shop and order a cappuccino with soy milk.

Every time Peter saw her, he felt intoxicated. She was so attractive, he knew he had to ask her out or he would go to his grave with a deep sense of regret for having let such a beautiful woman get away.

Peter knew all he had to do was find a way to approach her and strike up a conversation. Unfortunately, this was easier said than done. Every time Peter tried to talk to this incredible woman, his body shut down. He had never felt this nervous around a woman before. I guess it just goes to show how much I like her, Peter mused.

The following week, after much deliberation, Peter finally summoned the courage to go up to the woman and say “hi” as she added a dash of cinnamon to her cappuccino. The woman turned and saw Peter standing beside her. Peter raised his coffee and smiled, “Hi, I’m Peter.”

The woman gave Peter a faint, disinterested smile, then left the coffee shop without saying a word.

Peter stood by the counter, shocked and confused. He felt like his world was about to collapse. She couldn’t even bring herself to say hi, he thought. Am I that unattractive? Where did I go wrong? Maybe I didn’t smile enough. Maybe she didn’t hear me. No, that’s not possible.

Peter was so upset and embarrassed he wished the ground would just open up and swallow him whole.

* * *

Three months later, the same woman was in the same coffee shop, adding a dash of cinnamon to her cappuccino when she heard an unfamiliar voice call out beside her—“Hey.” The woman looked up and saw a man standing close by. The man was in his late-thirties, had a shaved head, and thick designer stubble.

The woman was intrigued. The man didn’t break eye contact as he looked directly into her eyes. Wow, she thought, he’s confident. Who is this guy?

“Hi,” the woman said.

The man reached out and touched her on the arm. “You come here often?”

“Almost every morning,” the woman gushed.

“What’s your name?”

“Jane,” the woman replied, flashing a smile.

“I’m Paul, nice to meet you.”

* * *

Why, given their similar approach, did Jane dismiss Peter and accept Paul? The answer, as always, boils down to attraction. Paul displayed significantly more markers of attraction than Peter.

For his part, Peter was still on the chubby side, even though he went to the gym three to four times a week. His clothes were a bad fit, and this signaled a serious lack of style and social awareness.

Peter’s prominent bald patch was also a turn-off, especially as it made him look like a corporate version of Friar Tuck. And finally, more than anything else, there was the obvious lack of confidence.

For the past two weeks, Peter had been lingering around the coffee shop, checking Jane out. Jane, who was no stranger to attention, had noticed Peter’s presence and his frequent gaze in her direction.

Once, when Peter was at the counter, ordering coffee, Jane had taken a moment to study him. He looked like a regular middle-aged guy. And although Peter was only in his mid-thirties, he looked 35 going on 50. From Jane’s perspective, Peter was just another out of shape office worker strolling around in a bad suit.

In contrast, Paul was able to generate attraction with Jane in a matter of seconds. He displayed extreme confidence in his approach and never hesitated not even for a second.

Surprisingly enough, from a physical perspective, Peter was naturally better looking than Paul. Paul had a receding hairline and in fact had less hair than Peter. Paul, however, shaved his head instead of letting it grow out.

Paul also had thick stubble on his face, another key marker of testosterone. And then there was the suit. It was obvious that Paul knew enough about fashion to make a strong first impression.

The fact that Paul was in excellent physical shape, and had a lean, muscular body didn’t hurt either. Everything about Paul’s appearance signaled strength, confidence, and masculinity.

A lot of men are intimidated by the concept of masculinity. This fear of the masculine is even more pronounced in today’s politically correct, feminist society where a dominant left-wing media continues to promote nice guy values where men are expected to behave in a subservient, pleasing manner towards women.

In reality, this weak, insecure behavior turns women off and results in a loss of attraction. So why are so many men afraid to embrace their masculinity and project strength?

The truth often lies in the inherent belief that men don’t feel like they have any real strength or masculinity to begin with. The modern man often feels weak and powerless; castrated by society and emasculated by women.

Add to this the fact that society often portrays masculine traits as unattractive and antisocial and you can see why masculinity is in decline and feminism is on the rise. This aversion to masculinity often stems from the misconception that strength equals aggression.

Aggression Isn’t Attractive

Aggression Isn't AttractiveProjecting strength is not about being aggressive or rude. It’s not about being hostile and starting fights—nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, acting in this way is a sure sign of weakness and insecurity. A study into aggression by researchers at the University of South Florida found that men often overestimate another man’s desire to want to resort to aggression when faced with conflict.

Men often have the misconception that acting in an aggressive and “macho” way is attractive to women and that aggression is often necessary to gain the respect of a man’s peers (this is one reason why so much violence exists among gangs of young men).

Interestingly enough, research into aggression and attraction found that women view men as more desirable when they’re less aggressive and able to solve problems in a more sophisticated way.

After all, violence, unless under serious threat, is considered reckless for it comes with a high risk of punishment. And while it’s true that women find dominant traits like assertiveness attractive, assertiveness should never be confused with aggression.

Being cool, calm, and composed is much more attractive than being a reckless hot-head who flies off the handle at the slightest sign of provocation. True attraction is built on confidence, and a confident man only uses aggression as a last resort.

With that said, if you want to become more attractive and confident around women. You must optimize every aspect of your appearance from your body to your clothes. And once you know how to create a striking appearance, you’ll be able to inspire the kind of attraction that melts hearts and arouses lust and devotion in equal measure.