The Most Attractive Body Type That Women Love

The Most Attractive Body Type That Women Love

What is the hottest, most attractive body type for men? A study found that women are more likely to chase and pursue muscular men to have short-term affairs and romantic relationships.

Imagine you’ve just been introduced to a man whose body is muscular and athletic. You look at this man and you’re immediately impressed by his physique. His body looks primed as though ready to explode. When the man speaks, he has your immediate respect, not because he’s dangerous, but because his presence sends a clear message: I’m worthy of respect.

Simply by looking at this man you get a clear sense of his personality and character. You know for a fact that he’s hard-working, focused, and persistent. After all, you don’t build a strong body by being lazy, lying around on the couch, eating pizza all day.

This man respects himself and his body. You also know for a fact that this man is mentally strong and doesn’t shy away from hardship or pain. A strong body is, after all, a reflection of a strong mind. A man must be willing to sacrifice a degree of comfort for pain if he’s to carve out a muscular physique. Most men prefer to take the easy route in life, not this man.

An Unattractive Body Signals Poor Genes

An Unattractive Body Signals Poor GenesNow imagine you’ve just been introduced to a man who’s overweight and out of shape. He cares little for his appearance and has a protruding belly and weak posture. He’s also a heavy smoker and drinks a lot, which does nothing to endear him to women as a study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology points out: women view men who smoke and drink to excess as significantly less attractive than nonsmokers and occasional drinkers.

The findings of this study indicate that smoking and drinking to excess are both forms of risky behavior that offer no long-term reward and few advantages. On the other hand, risky behaviors that bring rewards, such as starting a business or taking a loan for further study are viewed as much more attractive by women because they fall under the category of a “calculated risk.”

As you look at the weak, overweight man in front of you, you instantly—and without even being aware of it—lose a measure of respect. The man’s poor physique and excess body fat tell you all you need to know about his character.

First, he’s more likely to be lazy and gluttonous. Studies show that people who are overweight are more likely to be perceived as lazy and thus less attractive (this accounts for about two-thirds of the population in the West who are categorized as clinically overweight).

Second, the fact that this man has allowed his body to deteriorate to such an extent indicates that the man has poor self-control.

Women are Attracted to Muscular Physiques

Women are Attracted to Muscular PhysiquesThe way you present yourself to the world reveals a lot about your character. Call it superficial and shallow, but human beings are programmed to pick up on physical cues and to make mental shortcuts when evaluating other people. One of the best ways to display good genes and a healthy reproductive capacity is to develop a strong, muscular, attractive body. A study conducted by researchers at UCLA noted that women rate men with muscular physiques as more attractive and desirable.

The reason for this is simple. The man with a muscular physique projects strength, health, and good genes. Juxtapose this with the man who’s weak, skinny, or overweight, and you can see why women find muscular men more attractive.

At this point it’s important to note that a good, muscular physique shouldn’t be confused with a bad, muscular physique. So, what exactly constitutes a bad, muscular physique?

If you’ve ever seen a man with over-sized arms, an enormous chest, a big bloated stomach, and skinny legs, you’re looking at a man with a bad, muscular physique. On the other hand, a good physique is well-balanced, symmetrical, and pleasing to the eye.

After dealing with hundreds of clients over the years and witnessing the benefits of working out first-hand, I’m of the belief that developing a strong, attractive body is one of the most important things a man can do to improve his life. Not only does working out improve your health, it also makes you look infinitely more attractive.

The Benefits of Working Out

— You’ll boost your immune system.
— You’ll increase your mental strength.
— You’ll increase your testosterone levels.
— You’ll become more sexually attractive.
— You’ll get more respect from men and women.
— You’ll increase your strength and bone density.
— You’ll project greater strength and masculinity.
— You’ll reduce your risk of depression and anxiety.

A lot of men resist working out, often citing busy work schedules or hectic lifestyles as an excuse to avoid the gym. Keep in mind this way of thinking is indicative of the unattractive man.

The Most Attractive Body Type

The Most Attractive Body TypeResearch conducted by UCLA provides a healthy dose of motivation for men who are still reluctant to workout. The UCLA study examined how likely women are to pursue men who are “more muscular than average,” or if muscles are even a factor when it comes to attraction. The results of the study found that women aren’t just more attracted to men who are muscular; women are more likely to chase and pursue muscular men to have short-term affairs and romantic relationships.

Once you summon the mental fortitude to push through the initial pain barrier that comes with working out, you’ll not only strengthen your body; you’ll strengthen your mind as well, making you that much more attractive and alluring in the process.

When building the best type of body for a man, you must focus on proper strength training (with compound weights), eating the right nutrition, and taking the correct supplements that will help you burn fat and build muscle.