Stay Away From Single Mothers!

Why It’s Difficult Dating Single Mothers

By Anonymous

24 years ago I fell in love and married a woman a couple of years later who already had a 4-month-old baby and we had another son together a few years after.

I love my 24-year-old son and he loves me and respects me as his dad, but only God knows what I went through with that woman and her Ex. Your home will never truly be your home, there is always outside noise and interference with the Ex who never pays child support and thinks he can drop by anytime he feels like it.

At one point I had enough of his disrespect and got into a fight with him and that cost me $18,000 to stay out of the crowbar saloon (prison).

I was 23 years old and you can imagine how it felt to pay a lawyer that kind of bread.

I remarried many years later to a woman with no children, the difference is night and day!!. My boys are grown up and I live an amazing life now. Looking back all I can say is don’t even date single mothers because most of us don’t have control of our hearts and you can easily fall into their trap.

Find a nice single woman who shares your values and build your own family with her!!

Lastly, my ex today tells me what a wonderful father I am [way too late] to my sons, but for many years she never appreciated me and what I did… sadly she is a minority because most single moms will never ever see the value you bring!

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Chris’s thoughts: Dating single mothers is hard! You think it’s going to be easy but it’s not. And what at first seems like a comfortable arrangement can pretty soon turn into a nightmare. Your experience is like a lot of men. You fall in love with the woman, get hooked, then before you know it you have to deal with an ex (who is permanently attached to your girlfriend because he had a kid with her and he will never go away); children that may or may not like having you around; kids that might blame you for stealing their mother away from daddy; and a woman whose focus is going to be on her kid/s as opposed to being focused on you. It is always easier to date women with less baggage. It makes for a cleaner and easier relationship.