Men's Clothes That Women Find Most Attractive

Men’s Clothes That Women Find Most Attractive

One of the surest ways to gain influence and become more attractive to women is to wear the right clothes. After all, appearances are everything. But what are the most attractive clothes to women?

Like it or not, clothes matter. The airline pilot who wears a pilot’s uniform is seen as skilled, professional, intelligent, and successful. A con man who wears the same pilot’s uniform is viewed the same way—skilled, professional, intelligent, and successful.

If you know how to dress in style, you have a clear and distinct advantage in the realm of seduction. To better demonstrate this point, an interesting study published in David J. Buller’s book Adapting Minds examined the type of relationship a woman was willing to have with a man depending upon the type of clothes he was wearing (these clothes were either “low,” “medium,” or “high-status”).

The type of relationship the woman was willing to enter into was separated into six different categories: (1) coffee and conversation; (2) a date; (3) sex only; (4) serious involvement, marriage potential; (5) sexual and serious, marriage potential; and (6) marriage. The goal of this study was to examine the effect clothes had on women’s responses.

The results of the study found that women were more attracted to the (same) man when his clothes were “high-status.” So far, no surprise there; however, the study also discovered that women were much more likely to consider the man in all six categories if his clothes were “high-status” as opposed to “low” or “normal” status.

In other words, if you’re looking for a one night stand: wear high-status, attractive clothes; if you’re looking for a long-term relationship: wear high-status, attractive clothes.

Women Love Well-Dressed Men

Women Love Well-Dressed MenFurther research has found that women find men who are well-dressed to be sexier, more intelligent, successful, more popular, and better relationship material. These findings provide striking evidence that attractive clothes really do make a difference. In fact, wearing “high-status” clothes is one of the easiest ways for a man to become instantly more attractive to women. Still, this information is useless if you don’t know how to choose the right types of clothes to enhance your appearance.

When choosing clothes that will make you look more attractive, your most important consideration is to decide what type of image you want to project?

If you’re the nerdy, intellectual type it would be a mistake to try and pull off the edgy, biker look. At the same time, if you’re covered in tattoos, trying to dress like Poindexter would do nothing to enhance your appearance.

At this point, you might be tempted to ask whether or not there’s one type of look that works for every man? As a rule, it’s always better to dress well (and it’s always better to overdress than to underdress).

Attractive Clothes are More Attractive than Money

Clothes are More Attractive than MoneyAn insightful study conducted by Kelton Research found that women view men who dress up as sexier, smarter, and more successful. What was even more interesting about this study was that 85 percent of women thought a well-dressed man was sexier than a man with a lot of money. Dressing well shows that you’re socialized and socially intelligent—two characteristics that are attractive to women. The Kelton Research study also discovered that three out of every four men were underdressed most of the time.

Of course, it’s more comfortable to stroll around in a comfortable shirt and baggy shorts, but how do you expect to stand out when every other man is dressed the same way?

The purpose of this article is not to turn hordes of men into fashionistas, the purpose of this article is to help you increase your sexual market value, and, at the same time, help you improve your overall appearance so you become more attractive.

Choose the Right Clothes for You

Choose the Right Clothes for YouChoosing the right clothes is one way to achieve this goal. This means you must first eliminate all clothes from your wardrobe that make you look unattractive. If your wardrobe is filled with clothes that are either too tight or too loose, you might as well throw them in the trash or donate them to charity because these clothes are killing your image.

Wearing suits, fitted shirts, and dress shirts will make you look more professional and successful. And where once women barely noticed you, your new appearance puts you firmly on the female radar.

The wonderful thing about suits, fitted shirts, and dress shirts is that they work for all men, regardless of height, size, age, appearance, and ethnicity.

Whether you’re a biker covered in tattoos or a full-blown nerd, a good suit or fitted shirt will, without doubt, improve your appearance. And while you might be reluctant to sacrifice casual attire for something dressier, you must consider the rewards for being well dressed, not just in your relationships but in your personal and professional life as well.

Attractive Clothes Fit the Body

Attractive Clothes Fit the BodyWhen putting your wardrobe together, your number one priority is to make sure your clothes fit and look good. There are countless fashion magazines and websites out there from which to draw inspiration. I encourage you to browse these magazines and websites to get an idea of the type of clothes that look good on men.

And when it comes to trying clothes on, don’t be tempted to buy something just because you “think” it will look good or because it’s on sale. Your clothes must fit, and they must fit you well. Just because an item of clothing looks good on the rack doesn’t mean it will fit you or even look good on you

A good way to begin your journey into fashion is by focusing on the fundamental elements of style. In this case, suits, dress shirts, and fitted shirts look great on just about every man who’s in shape.

Once you feel comfortable with these clothes and have developed an eye for what works and what doesn’t, you can branch out into other areas of fashion to flesh out your wardrobe and give it more depth.

You must never underestimate the power of dressing well for a well-dressed man is an attractive man.

The Benefits of Dressing Well

— Women will notice you.
— You’ll feel more confident.
— You’ll look more successful.
— You’ll get more immediate respect.
— You’ll act in a more attractive way.
— You’ll make a great first impression.
— You’ll be perceived as more attractive.
— Women will be more interested in you.

As you can see, the benefits are tangible and real, and your renewed sense of style will change the way you’re perceived by women and the world around you. This article encourages you to step outside your comfort zone; if you can do this, the rewards and benefits are yours for the taking.

Avoid these Fashion Mistakes

Before you consider making any further changes to your wardrobe, you must also be aware of some crucial fashion mistakes that are known to kill attraction.

— Bad color coordination.
— Wearing clothes that don’t fit.
— Wearing clothes that are too tight.
— Wearing oversized suits and shirts.
— Fastening all the buttons on your shirt.
— Wearing sportswear on a regular basis.
— Wearing clothes with large logos and slogans.

If you can avoid these fashion mistakes, you’ll not only sharpen your image, you’ll strike a powerful first impression as well.

At this point, it’s important not to confuse “peacocking” with being fashionable and stylish. The man who peacocks (overdressing or dressing flamboyantly to attract attention) puts himself at severe risk of not only attracting the wrong kind of attention, he also risks looking ridiculous at the same time.

Peacocking not only invites ridicule, it makes a man look desperate. Understated charm and elegance never goes out of fashion.

Choose the Most Attractive Colors

Choose the Most Attractive ColorsTake a moment to consider the impact of color. Knowing what colors women find attractive can go a long way when it comes to creating a strong first impression and choosing the right clothes to enhance your appearance. An enlightening study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that women are more attracted to the color red. Red has been a symbol of power since Roman times. The most powerful men in Rome were known as Coccinati—meaning “the ones who wear red.”

The inclusion of red shirts, ties, scarves, and pocket squares in your wardrobe are sure to enhance your appearance and help you stand out from the crowd as women from the US, England, Germany, and China all rated men more attractive when they wore the color red.

Another study published in Evolutionary Psychology examined the effect of color on attraction in more detail. Once again, red was found to be the most attractive color alongside black.

The reason why these colors are so popular, however, remains something of a mystery. Although the researchers of the study speculated that red and black are colors that look good on people and that these colors possibly have some evolutionary significance, purveying greater masculinity and strength on the wearer.

The same study also discovered that women found the following colors the most attractive (in order of preference): red, black, blue, green, yellow, and white.

When choosing the right type of attractive clothes to enhance your appearance, selecting the right colors is an important point that mustn’t be overlooked. The moment you take control of your appearance, you immediately stand out for a well-dressed man is not only physically appealing but psychologically appealing as well.