How to Have Sex with a Woman the Right Way

How to Have Sex with a Woman the Right Way (the Power of Sex)

This article will show you how to have sex with a woman so she falls for you and becomes even more emotionally attached to you.

Men and women are biologically designed to come together to reproduce and ensure the survival of the species. In most cases, sex marks a definite turning point in the relationship. It’s the moment when a woman physically submits to a man and allows him to become intimate with her.

When a woman has sex, a series of powerful chemicals are released. This chemical release makes a woman feel closer and emotionally attached to a man.

During sex, the areas of the female brain that are affected by arousal are the amygdala, ventral tegmental area, nucleus accumbens, cerebellum, and the pituitary gland.

One reason why sex has such a powerful effect on women is that it activates so many areas of the brain all at once. It’s not so much that love is blind, but the chemicals within our bodies that make us blind.

Why Sex with a Woman Leads to Attachment

A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that male and female brains light up like a person taking heroin when experiencing orgasm. A whole host of chemicals are responsible for this pleasure overload. First, a dopamine release lifts our mood and gives us feelings of pleasure.

At the same time, prolactin relaxes us and makes us feel satisfied, while oxytocin makes us feel closer and more attached to the person we have sex with. It should be noted that oxytocin is released in much greater quantities in women than men.

Finally, phenylethylamine, a stimulant that is also found in chocolate, improves our energy levels, and, at the same time, makes us feel happy. This is why sex is so addictive and powerful. The moment you have sex with a woman, there’s a good chance she’ll become addicted to you.

A man who understands the power of sex can make a woman fall in love with him simply by sleeping with her. There is, however, sex that increases attraction and sex that kills attraction.

If you have sex in a weak and submissive way, you can still turn a woman off. So, what exactly constitutes weak, submissive sex?

Case Study: Uncertainty Kills Passion

Harry had been dating Chloe for almost two months, and this was the first time Chloe had been to his apartment. The moment Chloe arrived, Harry made her feel right at home. He took her coat then invited her in to watch Some Like It Hot (Chloe’s favorite movie starring Marilyn Monroe).

As Chloe relaxed, watching the movie, Harry went into the kitchen and brought out a big bowl of lasagna and a Greek salad. Chloe was impressed—this was homemade cooking at its finest.

Three hours later, Harry and Chloe were sitting on the couch together, sharing a bottle of wine. Time to make a move, Harry thought, but how?

An hour later, Harry still couldn’t figure out how to make a move without being too obvious about it. It was then, after growing restless, that Chloe looked Harry straight in the eye and said, “Are you going to kiss me or not?”

“Sure, of course,” Harry replied. “I’d love to.”

Ten minutes later, Harry was lying in bed next to Chloe. “I want to kiss you again,” Harry said as though waiting for Chloe to give him permission.

“No need to ask,” Chloe whispered.

“I’m so excited, I can feel my heart racing.” Harry stroked Chloe’s face, then kissed her on the lips as he reached around to unfasten her bra. “I’m sorry, I can’t undo it,” he said.

Chloe reached behind her back and unfastened the clasp. She was now completely naked.

“You look amazing,” Harry said.

“Thanks,” Chloe whispered as Harry climbed on top of her and slowly inserted himself. Chloe flinched.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked.

“I’m not ready.”



“Is it okay?” Harry said as he pushed deeper inside her. Harry continued to thrust and wiggle on top of Chloe for a couple of minutes before she stopped him by placing her hand on his shoulder.

“What is it? Did I hurt you?”

“No, I’m sorry.”

“What’s wrong?”

“This isn’t working,” Chloe said as she pulled away from Harry and slid out from underneath him.

If you rush intimacy, you risk turning a woman off. In the same way, if you try too hard to please a woman, you’re making the woman’s pleasure more important than your own—this also turns women off.

Don’t be Too Passive in Bed

So how can you have sex with a woman and remain attractive? As always, it’s important to seek intimacy without regret and without apology. You mustn’t shy away from intimacy; instead, you must pursue it fearlessly. As with all things masculine, actions speak louder than words.

One issue that infects so many lesbian relationships is a phenomenon commonly referred to as lesbian bed death. Labeled “bed death” because lesbian couples frequently have less sex and intimacy than heterosexual couples.

Because women don’t produce the same amount of natural testosterone as men—testosterone that drives sexual desire and brings a man and woman together—lesbian relationships often suffer from a lack of sex and intimacy. But don’t be fooled into thinking that bed death only occurs in lesbian relationships. Heterosexual relationships often suffer from bed death as well.

If you’re passive and wait for a woman to make the first move, the woman will resent you and come to view you as weak and submissive.

To arouse desire, you must abandon inhibition and throw yourself into sex with passion and gusto. Men often worry that if they do this they’ll offend a woman’s delicate sensibilities.

These men are quick to put a woman’s needs first and make her pleasure their number one priority. The danger with this approach is that it does nothing to stimulate desire. As a man, your pleasure should be your number one priority.

You must take control of the interaction and lead a woman into the bedroom as though you can’t wait to rip her clothes off and make love to her.

One of the most common complaints leveled against men is that men have become too passive and submissive in bed. They lack passion, refuse to take the lead, and the sex is often predictable and boring. There’s no sense of danger or eroticism.

If you make a woman feel as though she’s there to serve you and give you pleasure, her enjoyment will come as a direct result of your pleasure.

If you’re in any doubt that sexually dominant behavior is desirable and attractive, you only have to look at movies like Fifty Shades of Gray, 9 ½ weeks, and Secretary to see that women, by and large, are obsessed with the idea of dominance and submission.

Women have More Orgasms with Masculine Men

A study carried out by researchers at Penn State University noted that women reported more regular, earlier-timed orgasms during sexual intercourse with men who were more masculine and dominant. Furthermore, the Penn State study also discovered that women experienced more frequent orgasms during or after a man’s orgasm.

In other words, if you’re enjoying the sexual experience, a woman is more likely to experience pleasure and orgasm as a direct result of your enjoyment.

What turns you on? What makes you feel excited? Think about this for a moment. Once you know what you want in the bedroom, you must have the courage to go after your desires without inhibition. Sex doesn’t have to be complicated; it just has to be fun.

Being sexually dominant doesn’t mean you have to use whips and chains and wear a gimp suit. To be dominant, all that’s required is your masculine presence. You come to the interaction with a “loaded gun,” ready to engage in a dramatic encounter.

As the woman waits for you, you can no longer contain yourself. You must have her even if it means ripping her clothes off and destroying her panties. This type of behavior, however, doesn’t come naturally to nice guys, especially men who are trained from birth to hold women in high esteem and respect physical boundaries at all costs.

Women Love Sexually Dominant Men

As you become more dominant in the bedroom, there will be times when it feels as though you’ve crossed the line between what’s acceptable and what’s unacceptable. The attractive man, however, understands one simple truth: women crave controlled danger, they crave the attention of sexually dominant men, and they crave submission.

Sexual dominance, in this instance, is not about using force or aggression (although in some instances it can be). Sexual dominance is about letting a woman know what you want and having the courage to make her submit to you.

It’s important to note that sexual dominance is made up of two components: the physical and the verbal.

When it comes to physical dominance, let’s imagine you’re having sex in the missionary position. To display dominance, all you have to do is hold a woman’s hands above her head or out to the side, pressing her down against the bed. In the same way, putting a woman’s legs over your shoulders, forcing her into a more submissive position is another way to exert physical dominance.

If you’re having sex with a woman from behind, you can slap her on the butt (an act that drives women wild and makes them feel even more submissive). Additional ways to introduce dominance in the bedroom include twisting a woman’s arm behind her back to force her into a more submissive position.

Even when she’s riding on top of you, in what is supposedly a dominant position for the woman, you can lightly pull her hair and slap her on the butt to make her feel even more submissive. Light hair pulling and soft choking is another way to force the woman into a state of submission and spike arousal.

When it comes to verbal dominance, telling a woman how much you want to fuck her is a sure way to drive her wild. For even the most prudish woman, dirty talk can be a wonderful aphrodisiac.

Get Her to Submit to You

Another important part of the dominant/submissive relationship is getting a woman to comply with your requests. When you tell a woman: “You love fucking me, don’t you?” Most women will accept and internalize what you say. Even if the woman doesn’t respond, it’s of little importance. As you continue to engage the woman in sexual intercourse, you can introduce more dominant verbal language to intensify arousal.

Simple, short commands often work best: “Don’t stop.” “Keep going.” “Make me come.”

The more you get a woman to comply with your requests, the more submissive she’s likely to become. If, for whatever reason, a woman refuses to submit, you must become more forceful and direct in your approach. If she continues to put up resistance, you must cut the interaction short and pull away as a form of punishment.

You must never let a woman’s resistance affect you for she’s simply asking the question: are you man enough to make her submit?