what to do when your girlfriend is angry with you

What to do When Your Girlfriend Is Angry with You

When your girlfriend is angry with you, it’s important to know how to handle the situation the right way and remain attractive at the same time.

In any relationship, the question: how can I handle difficult situations the right way often enters a man’s mind after he finds himself, once more, dealing with unexpected conflict. When women bring turmoil into your life, it’s important to know how to handle the situation the right way.

If you stumble your way through emotionally charged situations, you’ll not only come across as weak and unattractive you’ll end up feeling frustrated and resentful towards the woman in your life as she becomes increasingly difficult to appease.

Case Study: Neutralize Negative Energy

Steve and Isabel had been living together for two months when Isabel discovered a text message on Steve’s phone. The message was from Steve’s ex-girlfriend.

“You forgot your phone!” Isabel screamed the moment Steve came home.

“What’s wrong?” Steve replied.

“Who’s Candice?” Isabel threw Steve’s phone across the room.

“What are you talking about? Candice my ex?” Steve set his bag down on the table. “It’s probably an old message or something.”

“Bullshit,” Isabel fumed. “You’re lying. You’re just trying to cover up the fact you still have feelings for her.”

“Where do you think I was just now, with Candice?”

“You could be.”

“Yeah,” Steve smiled. “I could be. I gotta get something to eat, you hungry?” Steve walked into the kitchen.

Isabel watched him closely. He doesn’t even care. How can he be so calm about everything? “You’re an asshole,” she shouted after him.

Steve rummaged through the fridge, looking for something to eat. “We don’t have any food. You want to go out or get takeaway?”

“I’ll take care of it,” Isabel said, getting up from the couch. She stepped into the kitchen and wrapped her arms around Steve, squeezing him from behind. “I’m sorry, I just get so jealous sometimes. Forgive me?”

“Only if you buy me dinner,” Steve replied.

Agree and Amplify When Your Girlfriend Is Angry

agree and amplify if your girlfriend is angryIf your girlfriend is angry and she levels accusations at you, whether those accusations are true or not, your best form of defense is to agree and amplify. She threatens to leave, your response should be, “Great, no more headaches.” She calls you a liar, tell her you’ve been called worse. She calls you an asshole, tell her you’ll take it as a compliment.

You must show no sign of weakness—weakness that infects so many emotionally charged situations. You know better than to engage a woman head on and try to convince her through logic and reason that you’re one of the good guys. Instead, you must do the unexpected and pivot. Agree with everything she says and even exaggerate her claims to the point where she questions her own sanity.

Agree and amplify is a simple strategy that helps neutralize highly charged, emotional situations when your girlfriend is angry with you. This ensures you remain attractive, even your girlfriend attacks you.