Your Girlfriend Wants an Open Relationship… Don't!

Your Girlfriend Wants an Open Relationship… Don’t!

When your girlfriend wants an open relationship, it can be a very uncomfortable situation. An open relationship means that both parties are allowed to engage in sexual and/or romantic activities with other people, while still maintaining a relationship with each other.

This type of arrangement can be difficult for many people to accept because it goes against the traditional idea of being in a monogamous relationship and it opens up the door to jealousy. In this article, I’ll talk about why having an open relationship is a terrible idea and why you should never even consider this as an option.

Top 10 Dangers of Open Relationships

  1. Increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  2. Emotional insecurity and jealousy due to lack of commitment
  3. Unfair expectations between partners
  4. Difficulty trusting new partners or forming meaningful connections
  5. Risk of being taken advantage of or used by other partners
  6. Difficulties in communication and setting boundaries
  7. Potential for negative feelings such as guilt, shame, and regret
  8. Risk of emotional damage if one partner falls in love with another person
  9. Risk of physical harm if one partner is not honest about their health status
  10. Loss of privacy and personal space

Case Study: Open and Out

Derek was devastated when his girlfriend, Anna, suggested an open relationship. He had been in a committed relationship with her for over a year and he thought they were on the same page in terms of commitment. But when Anna brought up the idea of an open relationship, it felt like a punch to the gut.

At first Derek refused to consider it. He argued that if she wanted something else, then she should just break up with him and find someone else who would give her what she wanted. But Anna insisted that she still loved him and didn’t want to end things between them; she just wanted to explore other options as well.

Derek was hurt and confused by this sudden change in their relationship dynamic. He felt betrayed and couldn’t understand why Anna would want something like this. He was also scared that if he agreed to an open relationship, it would mean the end of their relationship eventually because he wasn’t sure he could handle sharing her with other people.

After days of talking and debating, Derek finally agreed to try an open relationship with Anna under the condition that they would revisit the issue every few months to make sure they were both still happy with it. Although Derek was still upset by the idea, he decided it was worth a try if it meant keeping Anna in his life.

Three months later, Derek found out that Anna had left him for the other guy. He was devastated and felt betrayed by her decision to choose someone else over him. He felt like he had been used and taken advantage of in their open relationship agreement.

He was angry at himself for agreeing to the open relationship in the first place, feeling like it had led him down this path of heartbreak and disappointment. He thought about confronting Anna about it but ultimately decided against it as he realized there was nothing he could do to change her mind or win her back.

In the end, Derek accepted that his relationship with Anna was over — but it took a long time for him to get over it and move on from his pain and hurt feelings.

Science Says Don’t Do It

A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan found that individuals in open relationships are more likely to experience negative outcomes than those in monogamous relationships.

The study, which was published in the journal Social Science Research, analyzed data from over 4,000 heterosexual couples and found that couples who practiced consensual non-monogamy (CNM) were more likely to report higher levels of relationship dissatisfaction and lower levels of relationship commitment.

The researchers also found that couples who practiced CNM were more likely to experience psychological distress and greater conflict within the relationship.

They also reported higher levels of jealousy and possessiveness among partners in open relationships compared to those in monogamous relationships. Furthermore, individuals in open relationships were less likely to report feeling satisfied with their sex lives than those in monogamous relationships.

Overall, the findings of this study suggest that while open relationships can be beneficial for some couples, they may also come with a certain degree of risk.

The authors concluded that individuals considering an open relationship should be aware of the potential negative outcomes associated with such arrangements so they can make an informed decision about whether or not it is right for them.

Why Open the Relationship?

People choose to have open relationships for many different reasons. Some people feel it allows them to explore their sexuality, while others may feel it gives them the freedom to express themselves without feeling tied down.

Others may find that having an open relationship helps them to maintain a more passionate connection with their partner, while still maintaining a healthy respect for each other’s boundaries and privacy.

Open relationships involve non-monogamous behavior, which can lead to feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and mistrust. It also increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections, since both partners are exposed to more potential partners.

Open relationships can also make it harder to maintain a healthy emotional connection between partners, as they may become less invested in each other’s lives and less likely to compromise or support each other.

Does Your Girlfriend Really Want It?

Girls will only talk about having an open relationship if they are dating a beta male for a variety of reasons. Beta males often lack confidence, which can make them more likely to accept the idea of an open relationship. This is a way that women test men by seeing if they’ll accept an open relationship.

Additionally, beta males tend to be more submissive and accommodating in relationships, making them more likely to accept their partner’s suggestion of an open arrangement.

Having an open relationship can give these girls more freedom and independence while still keeping the security of a partner. They may also feel that they have more control in the relationship when they are dating a beta male because these men tend to be less opinionated and less likely to challenge their decisions.

Finally, some girls may see having an open relationship as a way of avoiding commitment with a beta male. By not being tied down exclusively to one person, they feel like they can keep their options open and explore other possibilities without feeling guilty or like they are cheating on their partner.

When a girl tells you that she wants an open relationship, it’s an insult. She is, in other words, telling you that you aren’t man enough for her.

Never Accept an Open Relationship

Alpha males are typically characterized by ambition, assertiveness, and a desire to be in control. Therefore, they are unlikely to enter into an open relationship because it would mean giving up some of the control they have over their relationships.

Even more important: alpha males don’t accept open realtionship beacuse they don’t need to. Only weak men enter into open relationships and share their girlfriend with other people.

Alpha males usually crave monogamy and loyalty in a relationship and would likely not find any benefit in an open relationship.

If a man accepts his girlfriend’s request for an open relationship, he will appear weak and he will fail her test. By accepting his girlfriend’s request for an open relationship, the man may be seen as too weak to stand up to his girlfriend, which is perceived as a failure and a sign that the man is a beta male.

A woman wants to know that she is with an alpha male. If you tell her that under no circumstances will you ever accept an open relationship, end of story, your girlfriend will respect you and love you even more for it.