How to Become a Real Alpha Male

Why Alpha Males Turn Women ON and Nice Guys Turn Women OFF

If you want to attract more beautiful women into your life and keep them around, you need to learn how to project the attitude of an alpha male.

Why do bad guys have all the fun? If there’s one thing that separates the attractive bad guy from the unattractive good guy, it’s that attractive men are never weak around women.

If you’re weak around women, even if you’re rich, successful, and handsome, women will lose attraction for you. If a woman smells weakness, she’ll pull away. If a woman feels she can control and manipulate you, she’ll abuse you and try to control you. If a woman feels as though you’ll do anything to please her, she’ll lose respect for you.

It’s at this point that you must ask yourself two important questions: first, how can a man be perceived as strong by women (or become what is commonly known as alpha)? And second, is a man born alpha or does he become alpha over time? Is alpha, in other words, a result of nature or nurture?

In my own experience, alpha, as I’ve come to see it, is a trait that’s mostly developed over time through conscious effort and awareness. Alpha versus Beta is strength versus weakness.

Always Choose the Strongest Action

The beta male is weak; the alpha male is strong. The alpha male consistently chooses strength over weakness; the beta male chooses weakness over strength. The alpha male takes the strongest course of action; the beta male takes the weakest course of action. But how do you know what actions are strong and what actions are weak? Let’s take a look at some different scenarios that better demonstrate this point in more detail:

Scenario #1: Your girlfriend tells you she wants to break up with you. What is the strongest course of action you can take and what is the weakest course of action?

The weakest course of action is to beg and plead with your girlfriend to stay in the relationship. The strongest course of action is to walk away with your head held high. This is the path of the alpha male.

Scenario #2: A woman doesn’t respond to your text messages.

The weakest course of action is to send more messages. The strongest course of action is to walk away and ignore her until she gets back in touch with you.

Scenario #3: Your girlfriend tells you she just wants to be friends.

The beta male accepts the offer of friendship, hoping things will change in the future. The alpha male, again, walks away and ignores his girlfriend until she changes her mind.

Whenever you’re in any doubt about how you should interact with women, ask yourself one important question: what’s the strongest course of action I can take? If you’re being honest with yourself, you already know the answer.

Strong actions and behaviors are actions and behaviors that make you feel good about yourself. If you choose the strongest course of action in all areas of life, it won’t be long before you project an alpha mindset without even thinking about it.

Adopt an Alpha Male Mindset

At first, adopting an alpha mindset is a conscious decision, but over time this thought process becomes a natural part of who you are. An alpha mindset endures not just because it’s guaranteed to get you more women and more intimacy, an alpha mindset endures because it’s the right path to follow. It’s the path to self-respect, freedom, and dignity. And just as weakness is the ultimate attraction killer, strength is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

The “nice guy” beta male who tries to please women by pretending to be kind and chivalrous does nothing to instill attraction. All he does is conceal his true thoughts and feelings.

In reality, the nice guy is not nice. He’s lying to himself about what he wants, and he’s lying to the world around him. The nice guy pretends he just wants to be friends with women, even though being friends is the last thing on his mind.

The nice guy thinks that by being nice, women will be compelled to like him in return. The nice guy rushes to a woman’s defense with the hope that she’ll reward him for his chivalry. The nice guy says he’s not interested in intimacy when it’s all he ever thinks about.

This is in contrast to the “bad guy” alpha male who does the exact opposite. The alpha male doesn’t care if people like him or not. The alpha male has no interest in defending women or saving them.

The alpha male makes it clear that he’s interested in being more than just friends and that he would love nothing more than to be intimate with a woman. As you can see, the bad guy is not really a bad guy, he simply speaks a truth that few men dare speak.

Be True to Yourself and Your Desires

An alpha male embraces all that is masculine. He doesn’t care what society thinks or what his family, friends, and other people think. The alpha male walks his own path and marches to the beat of his own drum. If he wants something, he goes after it. If he wants to become intimate with a woman, he lets her know without worrying about rejection.

Part of the reason why alpha males can feel so confident and self-assured is that they don’t rely on other people for validation. An alpha male never seeks validation from women; therefore, women are unable to rattle him or affect his confidence in any way.

The alpha male also lives in a state of abundance. If a woman rejects him, it’s no big deal. There are plenty more fish in the sea.

Embrace Fear and Uncertainty

Most men are scared. They live their lives in a constant state of fear and anxiety. What happens if I get rejected? What happens if my wife leaves me? What happens if I lose my job? These are just a handful of fears men struggle with on a daily basis. But why are men so afraid? Men are afraid because they believe they have limited options in life, which, in turn, makes them feel powerless and helpless. The man who’s afraid to lose his job believes he has limited economic opportunities, even in a world of financial abundance. The man who’s scared his wife or girlfriend will leave him has the misguided belief that he’ll never find a woman better than his current partner.

Women can smell weakness like a shark smells blood. When you see yourself as weak, helpless, and powerless, the world can’t help but see you the same way.

In my discussions with men who’ve successfully made the transition from beta to alpha, I’ve noticed that these men all share one thing in common: they embrace masculinity.

Some men are born into a state of alpha, for the majority of men, however, becoming alpha requires work (work that’s both highly rewarding and satisfying).

Focus on Yourself

Making the transition from beta to alpha always begins with the body. Strengthen your body and you strengthen your mind. The moment you start to feel powerful in your body is the moment you start to think with strength and certainty. When you feel vulnerable, you become vulnerable. When you see yourself as attractive, you become attractive. Your thoughts are manifested into reality, and you choose the path that ultimately determines your reality.

In a world of beta males, the alpha male is king. You must never be afraid to go after what you want, even if it means ruffling a few feathers along the way.

Scientific research has discovered that men who are arrogant, selfish, cunning, manipulative, and over-confident enjoy a greater number of partners and are viewed as infinitely more attractive by women.

Be Dominant, Not Aggressive

Women are also more attracted to men who display more dominant characteristics. One of the main problems with dominance is that it’s often misconstrued as aggression. So, what is the best way to define dominance? A study conducted by the University of New Mexico attempted to break dominance down into three distinct components: social, financial, and physical. In the New Mexico study, the researchers discovered that women rated physically dominant men high in both attractiveness and social dominance.

The effect of financial dominance on attraction, however, was found to be inconsistent to the extent that financial dominance in and of itself was not a reliable indicator of attraction. The New Mexico study also discovered that attractiveness was strongly correlated with the number of one-night stands a man was likely to have.

Prestige Is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Another study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology discovered that dominant men were often perceived as attractive, yet dominance had no effect on the man’s overall level of likability. Exploring this topic further, a study carried out by UCLA researchers came to the conclusion that given a choice between a “dominant” man or a “prestigious” man, women have a definite preference for prestigious men.

Prestigious men are still dominant, but they’re dominant in a different way. A prestigious man is neither aggressive nor violent; he’s too smart and efficient to indulge in such high-risk/low reward behavior. Instead, the prestigious man constantly strives to raise his value in the world. He has clear and specific goals.

Whether or not he’s already achieved his goals is immaterial. Having a clear path and having direction in life is crucial when it comes to raising prestige. And as the UCLA research shows, being prestigious is much more attractive than being dominant.

Further research published by researchers at the University of California, Irvine suggests that women who are more sensitive and submissive are viewed as more attractive by men. In fact, any time a person displays behaviors that are consistent with their gender norms (for example, men displaying leadership qualities, and women acting submissive and demure) that person is more likely to be seen as desirable.

Put simply, men are attracted to women who project feminine qualities, and women are attracted to men who project masculine qualities.

Embrace Your Inner Bad Guy

Another unexpected and enlightening aspect of the research into attraction is that selfishness often makes men appear more attractive. Being strategically selfish and assertive lets women know that you’re more likely to acquire resources and thus more likely to become successful. Your success is, after all, not only your success but your partner and your offspring’s success as well.

Consider the following scenario: a man sits in a coffee shop. He takes a seat and picks up the menu. After studying the menu for several minutes, the man carefully returns the menu to its placeholder before lighting a cigarette.

A moment later, a waiter comes up to the man to take his order. The man looks at the waiter and nods hello. “May I have a vegetarian sandwich and a sweet coffee, please,” the man says with a smile before adding, “Thank you.”

Later, the same man returns to the same coffee shop. The man puts his feet up on the chair next to him. He then lights a cigarette and taps the ash onto the ground as he looks at the menu. He leaves the menu on the table as the waiter approaches.

“Uh, bring me a vegetarian sandwich and a sweet coffee,” he grunts, not even looking at the waiter. The man finishes by dropping his cigarette on the ground and crushing it under his shoe.

The two scenarios outlined above describe an experiment carried out by researchers at the University of Amsterdam.

The aim of the experiment was to examine how people watching the experiment would react to the “polite man” in comparison to the “norm-violating man.” The results of the study were both illuminating and insightful.

People who viewed the footage of the man in the coffee shop rated the “polite man” as less powerful, whereas the “norm-violating man” was rated more powerful (even though the roles were played by the same actor).

The implications of this study are both profound and instructive. The belief that you must be polite and kind to get ahead in life is nothing but an illusion. Women are attracted to men who project confidence and power.

Bold men eat, while nice guys starve. To develop attraction, you must first develop the right mindset. You must be masculine. You must project strength. You must own your environment and your actions. And most important of all, you must be true to yourself and your desires.