Why Women Test Men – Pass Her Tests With Ease

Most men go through life unaware that women test them on a daily basis. It’s for this reason that so many men fail when it comes to seduction. If you want to know how to pass your girlfriend’s tests, this article will show you everything you need to know to pass her tests and stay attractive in her eyes.

Before we explore the different ways that women test men, it’s important to understand why women test in the first place. At its core, a test is an easy way for your girlfriend to determine whether a man is weak or strong.

Testing is not something that women consciously do, but something they’ve been programmed to do since birth. In the same way that babies are imprinted with a fear of snakes, women are imprinted with a need to test. This stems from evolution and a woman’s biological need to reproduce with the strongest DNA possible.

A test is nature’s way of helping a woman find the best genes for her future offspring. If you pass your girlfriend’s tests, she’s more likely to believe you can fath;er strong, healthy children. The reason why women test comes down to simple biology, but as you’re about to discover, the way women test is anything but simple.

Case Study: Everything’s a Test

Case Study: Everything's a TestJason and Amy were celebrating their one-year anniversary at Amy’s favorite seafood restaurant. This was Jason’s way of showing Amy how much he cared about her. After they finished dessert, the waiter brought some cocktails over to the table—a piña colada for Jason and a daiquiri for Amy.

“Wow,” Jason exclaimed. “They look good.”
Amy raised the daiquiri to her lips and took a sip. “Ughhh,” she groaned.
“No good?”
“That’s disgusting.”
“Want to try mine?”
Amy grabbed Jason’s piña colada and took a sip. “Oh, that’s much better. I’m keeping this one,” Amy said.
“Let me try the daiquiri.” Jason lifted the daiquiri to his lips and took a sip. She was right, it tasted terrible—too much alcohol and way too sour. Jason pushed the daiquiri to one side and turned his attention back to Amy.

An hour later, Jason and Amy were getting ready to leave when Amy saw the daiquiri resting on the table.
“You’re not going to drink it?” Amy asked.
“Nah, you’re right, it’s way too sour.”
“Oh, go on,” Amy goaded. “I dare you.”
“No way!” Jason laughed. “I’m not drinking that.”
Amy looked at Jason, then, with a cheeky smile, leaned in and whispered, “If you drink it, I’ll give you the most amazing night you’ve ever had.”
“You serious?”
“Of course.”
“You’ve got yourself a deal.” And with that, Jason picked up the daiquiri and swallowed it down in one gulp.

* * *

Later that night, Amy was curled up in bed at Jason’s apartment when she heard Jason step out of the shower and walk into the bedroom. Jason approached the bed and kissed Amy on the cheek, letting his towel drop to the floor.

Jason couldn’t wait to get into bed and claim his reward. In the shower, Jason had wondered what Amy meant when she said: “…the most amazing night you’ve ever had.” What exactly was she going to do to him? Jason could barely contain his excitement as he pulled back the covers and climbed into bed. Jason placed his hand on Amy’s stomach. “You’re so soft and warm.”
“I’m so drunk,” Amy responded.
“You only had one drink.”
Amy stiffened and rolled over onto her stomach. Jason lifted himself up and kissed her on the cheek.
“Uhhh,” Amy moaned. “I’m kind of tired.”
“I thought we were going to make love?” Jason said, a touch of frustration creeping into his voice.
“I’m tired!”
“Come on,” Jason said. “A deal’s a deal. You made me drink that disgusting cocktail, right?”
“I didn’t make you drink anything.”
“I only drank it because we made a deal,” Jason said, trying his best to stay calm.
Amy pulled the covers over her face. “I can’t remember, I’m drunk.”
“You said we’d have the most amazing night if I drank it.”
“Well, now we can’t can we? You’ve totally ruined the moment.”
Jason was hit with the sudden realization that Amy was just kidding. A sense of relief washed over him as he bent down and kissed her on the lips.
“I told you, I’m tired!” Amy snapped.
“What do you mean tired?” Amy didn’t respond. “Are you serious?” Jason said. “You promised we’d make love, now you’re backing out. I can’t believe this.”

* * *

The next morning, when Jason woke up, Amy was already dressed. “You’re leaving?” Jason said, still groggy with sleep.
Amy came over to the bed and kissed him on the cheek. “I’ve got to run some errands, then have lunch with my sister. How do I look?” Amy said, spinning around in a bright blue dress.
“You look great,” Jason muttered. “You’re leaving so early?”
“Sorry, honey. I’ll call you tonight.” Amy smiled as she walked out the door.

* * *

Later that night, Jason paced around his apartment, waiting for Amy’s call. It was almost 10 p.m. and he was starting to get worried. Jason picked up his phone and sent Amy a message: “Hey, how was lunch with sis?”

An hour went by… still no response. It was now 11 p.m. That’s strange, Jason thought. Maybe something’s happened. I better call and make sure she’s okay. Amy’s phone rang and rang… still no response. Something wasn’t right.

First, she refused to make love with him and now she wasn’t answering her phone. Jason began to sense that Amy was either pulling away from him or about to leave him. Then another even more devastating thought struck him—maybe she’s met someone else.

Jason tried calling again… still no answer. In a fit of rage, Jason threw his phone across the room and kicked a cushion lying on the floor.

The next morning, Jason continued to send Amy a stream of messages, trying to find out where she was, and, more importantly, find out why she had pulled away from him.

Unbeknown to Jason was the fact that Amy would never be intimate with him again, and she would only see him a couple more times after that. He had failed all her tests and Amy’s attraction for him was now at an all-time low.

When a woman withdraws from the relationship, it’s crucial to see her behavior for what it is—a test. The moment you sense your girlfriend pull away (either by appearing disinterested or refusing to answer your messages or return your phone calls) you should assume that she’s testing you.

When this happens, you mustn’t let insecurity and panic get the better of you; instead, you must display strength and indifference in response to her behavior. All it takes is a willingness to step outside your comfort zone and embrace uncertainty.

A woman might not get in touch with you for a couple of days, she might not get in touch for a week, regardless how long it takes her to get back to you, you must have the strength of character to walk away until she contacts you.

The Bitch Test

The Bitch TestWhen a woman intentionally acts rude, bitchy, or disrespectful, she’s trying to get a measure of your strength using what’s commonly known as the bitch test. In this situation, a woman might question your masculinity and attack you in ways she knows will get under your skin. She might try to provoke you and use any method she can to rattle you. She might make an off-handed comment about your lack of physical strength (if you’re skinny); or if your short, she might make a disparaging comment about your height.

These comments are designed to expose your weakness and find out whether or not you’re confident or insecure. When this happens, there’s no point getting into a heated discussion, trying to defend yourself with logic and reason—if you do, you fail her test.

Women are skilled at uncovering weakness, and once a woman finds a chink in your armor, she won’t curtail her attack until you shore up your defenses.

A lot of men assume a “tough guy” persona only to fall apart the moment a woman tests them. Even the most masculine men who are, for all intents and purposes, alpha, still find themselves emotionally vulnerable to a woman’s unexpected psychological attack.

In the face of rude and disrespectful behavior, it’s important to handle the situation the right way. Instead of giving in to temptation and exploding in a fit of rage, it’s always better to keep a cool head and walk away.

The Jealousy Test

The Jealousy TestWomen often use jealousy as a way to expose weakness and test men. The woman starts off, innocently enough, by talking about another man who may or may not have shown interest in her. The instinct to mate guard immediately triggers strong feelings of jealousy. It is, therefore, no surprise that jealousy is one of the easiest emotions to exploit.

Once a woman sets her jealousy trap, she’s looking for one thing and one thing only: your reaction to the situation. If you get jealous and feel threatened by another man, the woman will start to question you and wonder why you’re acting so insecure.

A woman’s jealousy test should always be handled with indifference or humor to shrink the situation down into an issue of minor importance. This proves that you’re not the least bit concerned or threatened by the presence of another man.

The man who comes from a place of strength knows his true value, and he knows that if a woman cheats on him, he can easily find another woman to replace her. If you fly into a jealous rage, get upset, or become passive aggressive, the woman will attribute your behavior to insecurity—insecurity that translates into weakness.

Is it because you feel like you can’t compete or because you feel like you’re not good enough? Love rivals will always be present as long as humans exist. The attractive man doesn’t concern himself with potential love rivals unless they stray too far into his domain.

How to Handle Woman’s Tests

How to Handle Woman's TestsWhen you meet a woman for the first time, the woman doesn’t know if you’re strong or weak, stable or unstable, secure or insecure. And even though she might enjoy your company and find you physically attractive, a woman won’t have a measure of your true strength until she’s tested you. Every time you pass a woman’s test, you move one step closer to proving your value. This is why you must never get frustrated when women test you. Instead, you must view a test as a healthy challenge that must be handled the right way.

If you eliminate weak responses from your repertoire, you’ll find it that much easier to pass a woman’s tests whenever you encounter them. To make it easier to deal with women in times of conflict, it’s always useful to ask yourself one important question: am I acting in a way that’s insecure, or am I acting in a way that’s confident?

Any actions that come from a place of fear and insecurity must be eliminated and replaced with actions based on strength and confidence. To project strength and confidence and pass a woman’s tests, it’s useful to keep the following guidelines in mind:

— Don’t try to control her.

— Never beg, plead, or cry.

— Never ask for forgiveness.

— Never become aggressive.

— Avoid showing signs of jealousy.

— Never make a woman your top priority.

— Don’t try to reason, explain, and apologize.

— Remain indifferent to her emotions and moods.

— If she withdraws her attention, never chase her.

— Don’t chase her with messages and phone calls.

— Take the focus off the woman and focus on yourself instead.

— Deflect rude, disrespectful behavior with humor and indifference.

One question that often comes up is whether women consciously test men or not? The answer is both yes and no. A woman is always testing you, and she’s always looking to get a measure of your strength to see how you handle yourself in difficult situations.

If you react with weakness and insecurity, your girlfriend will pull away from you and continue to test you until she either loses all attraction for you or she comes to realize that you’re high-value and it’s safe for her to continue to invest her emotions into you.