What If You're Not Sexually Attracted to Your Girlfriend?

What If You’re Not Sexually Attracted to Your Girlfriend?

It can be incredibly frustrating for a man to be in a relationship with his girlfriend if he is not sexually attracted to her. This can create an emotional disconnect between the two and make it difficult to maintain any kind of intimate connection.

It can also make it difficult for the man to feel any kind of physical desire or pleasure when engaging in physical activities with his partner, which can lead to feelings of guilt and disappointment. This can be especially damaging if the man has feelings of love and care for his girlfriend, but is unable to express or act on them due to a lack of sexual attraction.

Ultimately, this can lead to the man feeling trapped and unable to escape from the relationship, creating an unbearable level of frustration.

Case Study: The Death of Attraction

Mark had been with his girlfriend, Sarah, for almost five years. He had always felt a strong connection to her and they had shared many wonderful moments together.

But lately, something seemed off. Mark found himself less and less attracted to Sarah, both physically and emotionally. The spark he once felt was gone and he didn’t know why.

Mark tried to ignore the change in his feelings for as long as he could but eventually it became too much for him to bear. He knew that if he told Sarah how he felt then it would break her heart and he couldn’t bring himself to do that.

So Mark kept his feelings hidden from Sarah, although it ate away at him more and more each day. 

Eventually, the lack of attraction became too much for him and he ended the relationship with Sarah without telling her the real reason why.

The break-up devastated Sarah who had no idea what went wrong between them; she was just left feeling confused and hurt by Mark’s sudden decision to end things without explanation.

For Mark, life became a series of lonely nights spent wondering why his feelings had changed so drastically in such a short time frame. He knew that there was no going back now; all he could do was accept that his relationship with Sarah was over and move on with his life without her by his side anymore.

7 Reasons Why Men Lose Sexual Attraction

1. Loss of Respect

Men need to feel respected and appreciated in order to maintain an emotional connection with their partner. If a man feels that he is not respected or appreciated, then his sexual attraction for his partner may start to fade away.

2. Unmet Needs

Men need certain needs met in order to feel fulfilled and content in their relationships such as companionship, security, respect, admiration and physical affection. When these needs are not being met, it can lead men to lose interest in their partners sexually over time.

3. She’s Not Your Type

Men tend to be more visually-driven when it comes to sexual attraction, so if they are not physically attracted to their girlfriend, they can lose sexual interest in her. Men may also become less sexually attracted to their partner if she has put on weight or changed her appearance in a way that is not attractive to him. 

4. She’s Too Needy

Men can lose sexual attraction for a girlfriend if she is too needy or clingy. This can happen when a woman is constantly seeking attention, validation, or approval from her partner. This can become exhausting for the man and make him feel like he’s not in charge of his own life. He may also feel like his girlfriend is smothering him and taking away his freedom and independence. 

When a woman is too clingy, it can be difficult for the man to feel desired and respected. He may also struggle to feel like he has the space to be himself without worrying about pleasing his partner. Ultimately, when a woman is too needy or clingy it can make it difficult for the man to maintain feelings of attraction towards her.

5. She Causes You Stress

Men can lose sexual attraction for their girlfriend if she causes too much stress. This can be due to her constantly nagging him, being overly critical of his decisions, or expecting too much from him. 

Stress can be a major turn-off for men and it can lead them to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and even angry. When men are in a relationship with someone who is always causing drama and stress, it can create an environment that is not conducive to intimacy. 

Men may start to feel like they are walking on eggshells or that they cannot be themselves around their girlfriend. Eventually this lack of connection and the feeling of being suffocated by stress can lead to a man losing his sexual attraction for his partner.

6. She’s Not the Right Fit

Men may lose sexual attraction for their girlfriend subconsciously due to pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted in sweat and other bodily fluids and are believed to influence the behavior of others. It is believed that when a man is exposed to pheromones that don’t match his type, he may unconsciously begin to lose interest in his current partner and become attracted to a new person with a better match. 

This could be due to the fact that the other person is releasing pheromones that are more attractive than those of his current partner. This could cause him to subconsciously move away from his current partner without even being aware of it.

7. She Doesn’t Do It For You

Men can lose sexual attraction to their girlfriends for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is if the man desires something his girlfriend does not possess.

For example, if a man is attracted to women with larger breasts and his girlfriend has smaller breasts, he may find himself less sexually attracted to her. Similarly, if a man prefers pubic hair and his girlfriend has lasered hers off, he may be less aroused by her.

Ultimately, it often comes down to personal preference and what an individual finds attractive in a partner. When those preferences are not met, men may find themselves losing sexual attraction for their girlfriends.

Can You Fix Low Attraction?

If a man has lost sexual attraction to his girlfriend, he may try to fix the problem by taking some space. This can give him an opportunity to reflect on what he’s feeling and why he might no longer be attracted to her. In this time apart, he can think about what drew him to her in the first place and work on rebuilding his feelings for her.

He may also decide that it’s best for both of them if they take a break from the relationship for a while. Taking space is an important step in trying to fix a loss of sexual attraction, as it allows both parties to gain clarity and perspective on their relationship.

If, however, you reconnect and the sexual attraction is gone, it’s most likely not going to come back. It can be frustrating to be in this situation because you might still love your girlfriend, but you don’t want to be with her sexually. 

If a man is feeling unsatisfied in his relationship, he may look for sexual gratification elsewhere. Furthermore, men often have a higher sex drive than women, so if their girlfriend is not meeting their needs in this area, they may be more likely to look outside the relationship for fulfillment. 

Finally, if a man feels that his partner is not understanding or meeting his needs, he may feel like he has no choice but to satisfy them elsewhere. Cheating can also be a subconscious desire to destroy a relationship that is no longer working.

There is one quite successful fix for this problem, which definitely works in the short term, but not the long term. This path is dark and I really don’t recommend it at all as it’s just not worth it. Some people might say that you are keeping things fresh, but I think it just ruins the relationship and it’s better to leave on good terms.

The Extreme Fix

Jealousy can fix your sexual attraction for your girlfriend. Research suggests that men may be more likely to regain sexual attraction for their girlfriend if she makes him jealous. 

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Rochester, jealousy can be an effective tool in rekindling a man’s interest in his partner. The study found that when a woman made her male partner jealous, it triggered feelings of insecurity and anxiety in the man, which then caused him to become more attracted to her.

In addition, the study also found that jealousy could help to increase feelings of passion and love within a relationship. This is because when a man experiences jealousy, it can lead him to focus on the positive aspects of his relationship with his partner and make him appreciate her more. 

Furthermore, jealousy can also help to create an emotional connection between two people as it often leads people to become more open with one another about their feelings and desires.

Overall, research suggests that making a man jealous may be an effective way for a woman to reignite her partner’s attraction towards her. 

So if you encourage your woman to date other men or be with other guys, it can lead to a spike in sperm production and testosterone which is related to mate guarding. This will, in turn, fire up your sexual desire, but it is a double edged sword: you will probably lose respect for your girlfriend at the same time.

Don’t Entertain an Open Relationship 

A man should not have an open relationship because it is a sign of weakness and insecurity. Open relationships are often seen as a way for someone to avoid commitment and responsibility, which can be viewed as a form of beta male behavior. 

Open relationships often lead to feelings of jealousy, mistrust and insecurity, which can create a toxic environment in any relationship. Additionally, open relationships can often lead to feelings of hurt and betrayal if one partner feels that the other is not being faithful or honest.

In addition to the emotional turmoil that open relationships can bring, they also have the potential to create physical risks. With multiple sexual partners comes an increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as unplanned pregnancies.

These physical risks are not only dangerous for the individuals involved but also for any potential children that may be born from such a relationship.

Overall, an open relationship is not conducive to healthy and successful relationships and should be avoided by men who want to maintain their alpha male status.

Final Thoughts

It can be very difficult for a man to regain sexual attraction for his girlfriend once it’s gone for a variety of reasons. 

For starters, the man may have underlying issues that need to be addressed before the attraction can be rekindled. These issues can range from unresolved resentment or anger towards his partner, to underlying insecurities that prevent him from feeling comfortable with her.

Additionally, physical attraction is often based on a combination of both physical and psychological factors, such as physical chemistry, mutual respect, and emotional connection. If these factors are not present in the relationship, it can make it difficult for the man to regain sexual attraction for his partner.

In addition to underlying issues, another factor that can make it hard for a man to regain sexual attraction is if he has lost respect or trust in his partner due to their past actions or behavior. This could include a lack of communication between the two or if one partner has been unfaithful in the past. If this is the case, it can be difficult for the man to look past these issues and feel attracted to his partner again.

Finally, it may also be hard for a man to regain sexual attraction if he has become accustomed to another type of stimulation or pleasure from outside sources such as pornography or other partners. This can create an unrealistic expectation of what sex should feel like and make it difficult for him to feel aroused by his partner again.

Overall, there are many reasons why it may be hard for a man to regain sexual attraction with his girlfriend once it’s gone. It is important for both partners in a relationship to work together in order to address any underlying issues and create an environment where they can both feel comfortable and connected with each other again. If this is unlikely to be possible, it’s better to end the relationship in the most respectful way you can.

There is no need, as many nice guys are prone to do, to stick around and hope that things will get better or suffer through a lack of sexual desire for years on end (with no way of fixing the situation). Sometimes there is no need to turn a page into a chapter. You can take the great memories and move forward with your life.