Women Are Attracted to Men Who Are Hard to Get

Women Are Attracted to Men Who Are Hard to Get – The Scarcity Principle

If you try to chase a woman into love and commitment, this includes talking about the relationship, a woman will lose attraction and pull away. Men who are hard to get are more attractive and desirable to women. Here’s why…

How long does it take a woman to fall in love? Research published in the Journal of Social Psychology found that out of 172 participants, it took men anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to fall in love; whereas women took no less than a couple of months to fall in love.

This is why you should never rush a woman into love and commitment. If you try to rush the seduction process, you’re forcing a woman to feel emotions for you that she’s not yet ready to feel.

Your role as a man is to interact with a woman in a fun and relaxed way. Make no mistake, when a woman’s ready to commit to you, she’ll let you know.

If you try to chase a woman into love and commitment (this includes talking about the relationship or trying to become exclusive), a woman will lose attraction for you and pull away.

Hard to Get is Attractive

Hard to Get Is AttractiveBeing a challenge is an important element of seduction that mustn’t be forgotten. Less available men are, after all, viewed as more desirable romantic prospects. As stated in the European Journal of Personality, people who are less available are seen as having higher overall value even if that value is only perceived to be higher.

In business, if you tell a customer that a product has limited availability, your product immediately becomes more valuable as a result. If a woman looks at a diamond necklace in a shop window, she’s most likely just browsing.

Yet, if the same woman is told that this is the last diamond necklace of its kind, there’s a good chance the woman will be tempted to buy the necklace right there and then, such is the power of scarcity.

Playing hard to get requires a measure of strength and confidence, the same strength and confidence that women find attractive. The man who gives his love away too easily is like a cheap piece of jewelry—wanted by no one and often discarded.