girlfriend won't talk to you

Your Girlfriend Won’t Talk to You | What to Do?

If your girlfriend won’t talk to you, it could be a sign that something is wrong. It’s important to take this seriously and try to find out what the problem is so that you can address it and work on resolving any issues in your relationship.

Silence from someone who loves us can often feel like rejection or abandonment, so it’s natural for this situation to make you feel worried or anxious.

However, there is also a good chance that nothing is wrong and she is just testing you or playing games with you (a power play). 

Before we get into this, let’s look at the main reasons a person might think they are being ignored (and other reasons family, friends, and therapists will give). Some of these reasons are true, but you will know if your girlfriend won’t talk to you because of these reasons.

7 Reasons Your Girlfriend Won’t Talk to You

  1. You said something hurtful or insensitive. 
  2. You’ve been neglecting her needs in the relationship. 
  3. She’s feeling overwhelmed by your expectations of her and is worried she won’t be able to meet them all. 
  4. There has been a lack of communication between you two, so she doesn’t understand where things are going or what you want from the relationship anymore. 
  5. She feels like she isn’t being heard when it comes to important topics, such as finances, family issues, etc., and that makes her feel unheard and unimportant in the relationship overall.. 
  6. She might not trust you for some reason, whether that’s due to past experiences with other partners or simply because of something new that happened recently in your relationship together.. 
  7. She may be dealing with personal issues outside of the relationship that are preventing her from engaging with you right now (stress at work/school, health problems).

The most common reasons your girlfriend won’t talk to you are usually not the real reason. It is often easier for people to give a simple, surface-level answer than it is to delve into the complexities of what might really be going on.

For example, she may say that she’s too busy with work or school and doesn’t have time for conversation, when in reality there could be deeper issues at play.

Additionally, she may point the finger back at you and blame something you did wrong rather than taking responsibility for her own emotions. 

Most Men Panic

When a man’s girlfriend suddenly stops talking to him, it can be incredibly worrying and confusing. 

Most men will instantly panic and worry about what might have happened that caused the sudden silence. He may start asking himself questions such as “What did I do wrong?” or “Did I say something wrong?” 

He might also feel helpless and frustrated because he doesn’t know how to fix the situation.

In some cases, a man might become angry if his girlfriend isn’t responding to him. This could be due to feelings of rejection or abandonment which can lead to resentment or even aggression towards her.

Some men will try everything they can think of in order to get their partner back on speaking terms with them again. 

They may send multiple texts or emails trying desperately for contact, call friends for advice, or even show up at their house unannounced in an attempt to make amends whatever it was that made her stop talking in the first place.

Other men may react differently by simply giving her space until she is ready to talk again – understanding that sometimes people need time alone when they are feeling overwhelmed by emotions such as hurt, anger, disappointment etc.. 

These men will wait patiently until she is ready while still showing support through small gestures like sending flowers or leaving thoughtful messages expressing his love and care for her during this difficult period of silence between them both.

So what about if your girlfriend won’t talk to you for no reason?

She’s Testing You

It’s common that your girlfriend won’t talk to you as a way to test you. They don’t return phone calls, respond to messages, or give the silent treatment to see who has the power in the relationship.

If you ask someone why a woman is testing you, they might say this:

Women may stop talking to a man as a test to see if they can get him to reach out first in order to gauge his level of interest. 

It is an attempt by the woman to determine how much effort the man is willing to put into pursuing her. If he does not make any effort, she may take it as a sign that he’s not interested and move on. 

But this is NOT true.

Your girlfriend will stop talking to you in order to test your strength and confidence. They want to know if you are capable of giving her space when she needs it, without feeling threatened or insecure. 

Your Girlfriend Won’t Talk to You (Power Struggle)

This is a way for her to gauge the power dynamics in the relationship and make sure that she can trust you enough to maintain a healthy balance between both of your needs. 

Women will always test men to see if they have more power than them. This can take the form of stopping talking to a man, or changing the conversation in order to gauge his reaction.

Women want to be with someone who is strong and confident, and not someone who is easily intimidated or pushed around. 

By testing a man’s response when she stops talking, a woman can determine whether he has enough strength and self-respect to not care and walk away from her.

If he passes her tests by remaining calm and composed despite her sudden silence, then it shows that he has more power than her, which makes him attractive in her eyes. 

It also helps demonstrate that he isn’t afraid of loss or pressure—something that women find very attractive in potential partners.

Remember, most men panic when a woman stops talking to them. And women ALWAYS test.

She’s Playing Mind Games

This is still a form of test. If your girlfriend is playing mind games with you, it could signify that she no longer trusts or respects you. She may be trying to manipulate the relationship dynamics in order to gain control over the situation and feel more powerful.

If this is the case, then she will likely stop talking to you if her attempts at manipulation are not successful. Additionally, if she feels like her attempts at manipulating you have failed then you win her test, and her attraction for you will grow.

Remember, women only test men they are attracted to.

If your girlfriend is trying to manipulate you, she may stop talking to you in order to gain control over the situation. She knows that if she stops communicating with you, it will leave you feeling confused and uncertain about what’s going on.

This gives her a sense of power since she can dictate the terms of the relationship. Additionally, it makes it easier for her to get away with any manipulations or lies because there’s no way for you to verify anything that she tells you without communication.

By shutting down communication, your girlfriend is trying to take advantage of your vulnerability and get what she wants from the relationship while avoiding accountability.

If you allow her to do this, she will lose all respect for you.

Girlfriend Won’t Talk to You (Science)

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Rochester suggests that women may use “pulling away” as a way to test men’s commitment and interest in them. The study, which was published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, found that women who pulled away from men in certain situations were more likely to receive a stronger commitment from them.

The study involved over 600 heterosexual couples between the ages of 18 and 35 who had been together for at least three months. The couples were asked to complete a survey which included questions about their relationship satisfaction and commitment levels. Additionally, they were asked to report on how often they had experienced “pulling away” behavior from their partner.

The results showed that women who reported having pulled away from their partner more frequently were more likely to experience higher levels of commitment from their partner.

In fact, the researchers found that this effect was even stronger among couples who had been together for longer periods of time. This suggests that pulling away may be an effective strategy for testing a man’s commitment level over time.

The researchers also noted that this strategy could be used by both men and women, but it seems to be more effective when used by women as men are typically more sensitive to changes in relationship dynamics than women are.

Overall, this study suggests that when your girlfriend won’t talk to you, it’s because pulling away may be an effective tool for testing a man’s commitment level/stir anxiety in relationships and could potentially lead to increased relationship satisfaction for both partners. But if the man doesn’t handle things the right way, it can also spell the end of the relationship.

What To Do In This Situation

If your girlfriend won’t talk to you, it is best not to send her a message first. It may be difficult, but it’s important to give her space and time to process whatever she is going through.

If she wanted or needed something from you, she would reach out. The last thing you want is for your attempts at communication to come off as pressuring or pushy in any way. You also don’t want to fail her test. 

It’s natural and understandable that when someone we care about stops communicating with us, our instinct may be to try and get in touch with them right away or panic. 

However, if your girlfriend needs time alone (or is testing) then giving her some distance will ultimately help the situation rather than make things worse. Try not sending her a message so that she can have some space without feeling like you are constantly trying to contact her or check up on her. 

Remember, as she pulled away from you, she must be the one to reach out and come to you. Indifference is key here. You must remain unaffected and unfazed by your girlfriend’s presence or withdrawal. This show strength and confidence. And it shows your girlfriend that you are exhibiting strong masculine energy too.