wife won't put out or touch you

Why Your Wife Won’t Put Out or Even Touch You

It can be incredibly frustrating if a wife refuses to put out or even touch her husband. This can lead to feelings of rejection, confusion, and hurt for the husband.

He may feel like there is something wrong with him or that his wife does not find him attractive. Furthermore, it can lead to feelings of insecurity and resentment, as the husband may feel like he is not getting his physical needs met in the relationship.

Additionally, if a wife refuses to sleep with her husband it can create a strain on their relationship and can even lead to infidelity if the husband seeks out physical intimacy elsewhere. 

Ultimately, it is important for couples to communicate openly about their needs and desires so that both parties are comfortable and happy in their marriage.

In this article, I will discuss way to fix this situation and how to get your wife to sleep with you again.

Case Study: She Won’t Put Out

John was frustrated with his wife. He had been married to her for five years and they had a strong relationship, but he felt like there was something missing.

For the past few months, John had been trying to get his wife to sleep with him, but she kept pushing him away. He felt like she was avoiding him or just not interested in sex anymore.

John tried talking to her about it and asking her why she wasn’t interested, but she just brushed it off or changed the subject. He couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t make love to him anymore. He felt rejected and unwanted by his own wife.

John was angry and confused as to why his wife wouldn’t sleep with him. He wanted to understand what was going on in her head and he wanted her to open up about it so that they could talk about it and maybe fix the problem. But no matter how much he asked, his wife refused to talk about it or even acknowledge that there was a problem at all.

Why Your Wife Won’t Put Out

The reasons why women stop sleeping with their husbands can vary from person to person and from marriage to marriage. 

Many times, it is due to changes in the relationship or a build-up of unresolved issues. For example, if there has been a decline in communication or intimacy, it can lead to a decrease in physical connection. 

Additionally, if both partners are overwhelmed with stressors such as work, family commitments, and finances, this can also lead to decreased libido and lack of sexual desire.

Sometimes women may feel emotionally disconnected from their partners, which can make it difficult for them to feel close enough physically. This could be caused by a lack of trust or respect in the relationship or even the feeling that they are not being heard or appreciated. 

If there is an imbalance of power within the relationship, it can also create feelings of resentment and insecurity that lead to an overall decrease in sexual activity.

In addition, some women may struggle with psychological issues such as depression or anxiety that make it difficult for them to feel comfortable engaging in sexual activities with their partners. 

Other physical factors such as fatigue, pain due to medical conditions, or menopause could also contribute to reduced libido.

No matter the cause for why women stop sleeping with their husbands, it is important that both partners talk openly about their feelings and work together on finding solutions that work best for them both. It is also important that couples practice self-care and prioritize quality time together as a couple.

Now that you’ve read through all these reasons, I can tell you that most of these reasons are the REAL reason why your wife won’t put out. The real reason is less obvious, but easier to fix.

Case Study: Don’t Touch Me

Craig was a formerly happily married man with a beautiful wife who loved him dearly (or so she said). But lately, he had been feeling frustrated because his wife seemed to be avoiding any kind of physical affection. She would never initiate it, and when he tried to touch her, she’d pull away.

At first Craig was confused by his wife’s behavior. He thought that maybe something had happened to make her not want to be close to him, so he asked her about it. She said that nothing was wrong, but she just didn’t feel like being intimate with him anymore.

Craig felt hurt and rejected by his wife’s actions and wondered why this had suddenly changed after years of physical closeness between them. He tried to talk to her about it but her responses were vague and he felt like he was getting nowhere. He knew that if the situation didn’t change soon it would start affecting their relationship negatively in the long run.

Craig decided to take matters into his own hands and started doing things around the house that made his wife feel special and appreciated, such as cooking dinner for her or giving her massages after a long day of work. Slowly but surely, Craig noticed that his wife was becoming more open and receptive towards him again…

If only it was that simple. In reality the opposite happened. Craig’s wife grew to despise his weakness and desperation and she became even more withdrawn. 

Why Your Wife Won’t Touch You

There are a variety of reasons why a woman may not want to touch her husband. In some cases, there may be underlying issues in the relationship that have caused trust and communication to break down. This could cause her to feel uncomfortable and not want to get close.

Other times, a woman may simply be feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable due to external stressors such as work or family responsibilities. She may feel too drained or anxious to engage in physical contact. It is also possible that a woman may have experienced past trauma related to physical contact which is making her reluctant to engage with her husband in this way.

In some cases, she may be feeling pain due to illness or injury which makes even gentle touch uncomfortable. Finally, she may have developed an aversion due to cultural or religious beliefs that make it difficult for her to accept physical affection from her partner.

Again, all of these reasons are NOT the real reason why your wife won’t even touch you, or can’t bear to touch you.

The Real Fix is Counterintuitive

If you go to any counsellor or therapist they will invariable give you the following advice listed below. 

Read through this advice below and tell me if any of this sounds familiar? As you read through this, you will probably be shaking your head and cringing because you know none of this advice works. 

Your wife won’t put out more and she won’t touch you again if you do any of these things.

Get Your Wife to Put Out (Standard Advice)

The key to getting your wife to sleep with you again is communication. It is important to talk openly and honestly about any issues that may be causing a rift in your relationship. You should also make sure to express your desire for physical intimacy and explain why it is so important to you.

It is also important to create a safe and comfortable environment for both of you to be in. This means avoiding topics of conversation that could cause tension or make either of you feel uncomfortable. Spend quality time together engaging in activities that both of you enjoy, such as going out for dinner, spending time outdoors, or watching a movie together.

In addition, it is essential to show your wife respect and appreciation. Show her how much she means to you by doing thoughtful things like bringing her breakfast in bed or sending her flowers just because. Showing your love and admiration for her will help create an atmosphere where she will be more likely to open up and want to be intimate with you again.

Finally, make sure that the physical aspect of your relationship isn’t the only thing that matters. Show her affection through meaningful conversations, gestures of kindness, and shared experiences that don’t involve sex but still bring the two of you closer together emotionally. With patience, understanding, and effort from both sides, it is possible for your relationship with your wife to become more intimate than ever before.

This is why counsellors and so-called relationship experts often do more damage than good. They don’t know how to really fix a problem, they just give out standard cookie-cutter advice that doesn’t producer results. And anyone who follows my channel knows, I’m all about getting results. 

If A Husband Is Weak, A Wife Won’t Put Out

I call this the curse of the nice guy. Women hate weak husbands because they lack leadership and strength. 

Weak husbands tend to be passive and unable to make decisions or take charge in a relationship. They are often too timid to stand up for themselves and may be manipulated by their partners. Weak husbands are also often seen as not being reliable or dependable, which can lead to a lack of trust in the relationship.

Weak husbands can appear weak-willed, insecure, and lacking in confidence, which can make them difficult to respect. 

Women want someone who is strong enough to take charge when needed but also sensitive enough to understand their needs. Weak husbands may also be seen as too dependent on their partners and not willing or able to contribute equally in the relationship.

Weak husbands can also create an imbalance of power in the relationship, making it difficult for women to express their needs or desires without feeling like they are taking advantage of the situation. This can lead to resentment and frustration on both sides, causing further strain on the relationship.

Ultimately, women want a partner who is strong and reliable. Weak husbands fail to provide that sense of security and reliability that all relationships need in order for them to thrive, leaving women feeling unsupported and unfulfilled.

Women often find beta males unappealing because they are perceived as too passive and not assertive enough. Beta males are typically seen as lacking ambition, drive, and the ability to take initiative. They tend to be more dependent and less independent than alpha males, which can be a turn-off for many women.

In addition, beta males are often seen as being too meek and timid, which can make them appear weak and less manly in comparison to alpha males. Furthermore, beta males may not come off as exciting or adventurous enough in comparison to alpha males, which can make them less attractive to women.

If you’re considered weak or beta, your wife definitely won’t put out and she won’t want to touch you (not even with a ten foot pole).

She Must Be Attracted to Put Out

In order for a woman to want to sleep with and touch her husband, she must be attracted to him. Physical and mental attraction is an important factor in maintaining a healthy relationship. 

When a woman is attracted to her husband, she will feel more comfortable being close to him and will naturally want to be intimate with him. She will also likely make more of an effort when it comes to physical contact and sexual activity. 

A strong connection between partners can lead to a better understanding of each other’s needs and desires in the bedroom which can help create a more enjoyable experience for both parties. 

Attraction also adds an element of excitement and anticipation which can be beneficial for the relationship overall. It enhances the bond between two people and encourages emotional closeness as well as physical intimacy. 

Attraction is key in any relationship but it is especially important when it comes to maintaining a healthy sexual connection between two people. Without it, there may be difficulty finding pleasure in physical intimacy with each other or feeling connected on an emotional level. 

Attraction helps keep the spark alive between two people which is why it’s so essential for women who want to have an enjoyable experience with their husbands when it comes time for physical intimacy.

Increase Space to Build Attraction

Space is essential for building attraction because it creates a sense of mystery and intrigue. If your wife doesn’t want to sleep with you, then a lack of space might be the reason.

When someone has space, it gives them the opportunity to think about their feelings and decide if they really do want to pursue something further with that person. It also allows time for anticipation to build, which can be a powerful force in attraction. 

People often find themselves more attracted to someone when they have to wait and wonder what will happen next. Additionally, space gives both people the chance to miss each other and become more invested in the relationship as a result. 

When two people have moments apart, it can make their connection stronger when they come back together again. All in all, creating space between two people is a great way to build attraction and keep things interesting.

Increase Mystery and Challenge

Mystery has always been a part of attraction between a husband and wife. It builds anticipation, curiosity, and excitement between the two. When partners are curious about each other and don’t know everything about the other, it can build an air of mystery that creates an exciting and dynamic relationship.

When couples keep some aspects of their lives private, it can add an extra layer of intrigue and mystery that keeps the other guessing. This can be especially true when spouses surprise each other with gifts or unexpected gestures of affection. These little surprises help to keep the relationship fresh and exciting for both partners.

Mystery also builds attraction between a husband and wife by allowing them to explore new aspects of each other. When couples don’t know everything about each other, it gives them the opportunity to learn more about their partner in a way that is both engaging and stimulating. By learning new things about one another, couples can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other which helps to strengthen their bond.

Overall, mystery plays an important role in any relationship but is especially important in marriages. Mystery helps to create anticipation, curiosity, excitement, and exploration within the relationship which helps to foster strong feelings of attraction between spouses.

Pull Away to Increase Desire

When a man pulls away from his wife, it can create an increase in sexual tension and desire. If you do this correctly, a wife who won’t put out will suddenly want to sleep with you and touch you again.

This is because when a man withdraws his attention, it can make the woman feel more desired and attractive. She will become more aware of her own worth and feel more motivated to initiate physical contact with her partner. 

This can create a dynamic of playful pursuit, with the man slowly pulling away and the woman trying to draw him in. This dynamic can be especially effective if the couple has been together for some time, as it keeps things fresh and exciting.

The act of withdrawing attention also allows for emotional distance between the couple which can be beneficial in reigniting passion. 

When emotional distance is created, it allows both partners to have space to reflect on their relationship from an objective standpoint. This reflection often leads to them having a greater appreciation for each other, which can increase both desire and sexual attraction.

In addition to creating emotional distance, withdrawing attention also helps build anticipation for when the couple does reconnect physically or emotionally. 

When a man pulls away from his wife, she will begin to wonder what he’s thinking or feeling or what he’s doing without her—all of these are ingredients for increasing desire in a relationship.

Overall, pulling away from one’s wife can be an effective way of increasing sexual tension and desire in a relationship by creating emotional distance that allows partners to reflect on their relationship objectively while also building anticipation around reconnecting physically or emotionally.

Withdraw Your Touch

If you want your wife to touch you again, withdraw your touch. This is counterintuitive but it works a charm.

Touch is one of the most fundamental ways that a couple can express their love for one another. A wife may want to physically touch her husband in order to show him that she cares and loves him. 

When a husband doesn’t touch his wife, it can be a sign of emotional distance and this will generate tension. 

By touching her husband, a wife can send the message that she wants to be close to him and that she is still invested in their relationship. 

Physical contact can also help to create an intimate connection between a couple, which is essential for any relationship to thrive. Additionally, touch releases oxytocin, which is known as the “love hormone” and helps couples feel more connected and committed to each other. 

In short, a wife may want to touch her husband if he doesn’t touch her because it reinforces the emotional bond between them and helps them feel closer and more connected. She will also worry that she might lose her husband, if she doesn’t make an effort to touch him anymore.

Wife Won’t Put Out, Get Out

When it comes to rebuilding attraction with your wife, sometimes the best thing to do is to give her some space. This doesn’t mean you have to stay away forever; it just means that you should take a step back and let her have some time to herself. 

This will give her the opportunity to sort through her thoughts and feelings without any pressure or judgment from you. It will also give her a chance to miss you, which can help rekindle the spark in your relationship.

Getting out of the house can also be beneficial for your own mental and emotional health. Taking some time away from your wife and your usual routine can help you gain perspective on the situation and clear your head. 

Additionally, it can be beneficial to do something enjoyable or engaging such as spending time with friends or engaging in physical activities like running or biking. Doing something enjoyable will help keep your mind off of the situation and give you something else to focus on.

Ultimately, getting out of the house and giving your wife space is an important part of rebuilding attraction with your wife. It gives both of you a chance to reflect on where things went wrong, while also allowing for some distance that could ultimately benefit both of you in the long run.

Increase Your Value

Women are often attracted to alpha males because they represent strength, stability, and security. Alpha males are typically seen as the leader of a group and possess a strong sense of purpose and ambition. They often have the confidence to take risks and make decisions that will benefit those around them.

Alpha males also typically have higher social status, which can be attractive to women who are looking for someone with a high level of influence in their lives.

In addition, alpha males tend to be physically attractive and exude an air of authority and power. This can be appealing to women who want someone they can look up to or rely on in times of need. Lastly, alpha males usually have a great sense of humor and charm that can make them even more attractive to women.

Becoming an alpha male involves more than just physical strength – it requires a combination of confidence, assertiveness, and self-reliance. To become an alpha male, you need to:

1. Develop a sense of self-confidence. Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. Focus on what you can do and not on what you can’t do. Don’t be afraid to take risks and challenge yourself.

2. Develop a strong sense of assertiveness. Speak up for yourself when necessary and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in or what is right. Learn how to express yourself clearly and confidently without resorting to aggression or intimidation.

3. Show independence and self-reliance by relying on your own strength rather than relying on others for help or support. Take responsibility for your actions, decisions, thoughts, and feelings without blaming anyone else for them.

4. Develop a strong work ethic by setting goals and working hard to achieve them in spite of obstacles or setbacks that may arise along the way. Persevere even when things don’t go as planned or expected, never giving up until the job is done right.

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, avoiding bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol excessively, and engaging in activities that bring joy into your life such as hobbies or social activities with friends or family members

6. Don’t focus on her. Take the focus off your wife so she can focus on you. When it comes to relationships, it’s not about how much you invest in your wife that counts; it’s about how much she invests in you.

Women Love Masculine Energy 

Want your wife to touch you and put out? It’s simple: increase your masculine energy. 

Women are often attracted to masculine energy due to its confident, assertive, and protective qualities. Masculine energy is often associated with strength, courage and leadership. These traits can be attractive to women as they evoke a sense of security and reliability. 

Women may also find the directness and decisiveness of masculine energy to be attractive, as it can provide a sense of safety and stability in a relationship.

In contrast, feminine energy is often associated with nurturing, caring and compassionate qualities. While these traits may also be attractive to women, many women are drawn to the confidence and power of masculine energy as it allows them to feel protected and supported in a relationship. 

Additionally, the strong sense of purpose that comes with masculine energy can make it more appealing than its more passive counterpart. Remember, women love masculine energy and if you want your wife to put out, you must exhibit masculine energy.

Anytime you focus on a woman, fixing the relationship, talking about the realitonship, trying to hold your wife’s hand or touch her, you are exhibiting feminine energy. Instead, take the focus off your wife and put it on yourself.

Work on your health, your fitness, your hobbies, your business, your education. Anything that will improve your life or skillset is masculine energy. If you can align with your masculine energy, your wife will adore this and she will want to touch you and sleep with you all the time.

And if this doesn’t work, I highly recommend you try a more advanced approach which you can find here