Are You a Slave to Your Addictions?

Are You a Slave to Your Addictions?

In the modern world, where stress, isolation, depression, and anxiety are so prevalent, addiction is there to fill the void, to seduce us with the promise of excitement and escape.    

The Sirens of Greek mythology perfectly encapsulate the seductive nature of addiction. These mermaid-like creatures, who lived on an island in the Strait of Messina between Italy and Sicily, had voices so beautiful and seductive that passing sailors found themselves unable to resist their call. The sailors would steer their ships towards the sound of the Sirens, where their ships would crash and sink on the rocks hidden beneath the shallow water.

Sometimes, the sailors would drown in the sea; at other times, they would make it onto the island, where they found themselves stranded without food and water. The sailors would soon starve to death as the Siren’s song distracted them from hunting and foraging. Here, the myth of the Sirens is a metaphor for addiction. 

What’s Your Poison?

Consider all the different types of addiction: alcohol, drugs, gambling, smoking, work, love, food, and TV, to name just a few. Most of us will fall victim to one or more of these addictions in our life. An addict can be rich or poor, educated or uneducated, old or young. Addictions don’t discriminate. But they are always there, ready to pounce whenever tragedy strikes or we hit rock bottom. Addiction is poison disguised as a helping hand.

Like the Siren’s song, addictions are seductive because they offer us a chance to escape from the drudgery and monotony of our lives, and to escape our sadness and pain. Addictions provide the false promise of peace and happiness. This is the deceptive nature of addiction. We all feel pain, and we all suffer. How we handle our pain and suffering, however, determines our fate. Do we turn to addiction to escape or find a more positive outlet for our emotions? 

The drug addict working in a job they hate is no different from the alcoholic stuck in a miserable marriage. Both deal with their stress and disappointment by using addictive substances to drown their sorrows and numb their pain. The problem is addictions only exacerbate our pain and make us feel worse. 

Addictions provide the illusion of escape and comfort. They provide momentary solace. And while we’re caught in our addictions―drinking to excess, gambling our money away, and using drugs to numb our pain―they slowly take over our life and eat us from the inside out. Instead of finding escape and solace, we become lost to disease, poverty, and decay. And, if we’re not careful, our addictions not only ruin our health, drain our wealth, and steal our time, they infect our relationships and leave us with nothing but despair.

The effects of slavery are, to this day, real and devastating. Slavery causes great suffering on both a conscious and unconscious level. When you find a moment to reflect, ask yourself whether you’ve experienced or are experiencing psychological, emotional, or addiction issues in your own life? If the answer is yes, you mustn’t feel ashamed. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, young or old―enslavement touches all of us at some point in time. 

Awareness Is the First Step

If you remain stuck in a slave mindset, however, the relentless effects of stress, anxiety, fatigue, tension, and depression will continue to plague and torment you. Unfortunately, some people remain stuck in a slave mindset their entire life. You can recognize these people by the way they walk, stooped and bent, their faces sad and full of despair. Often irritable and downtrodden, the modern-day slave looks at the world with confusion as they try to figure out why everyone else is more prosperous and fortunate than themselves. 

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice millions of people sleepwalking their way through life with nothing to strive for and no hope in sight. According to the naturalist and philosopher Henry David Thoreau, these are the people who live “quiet lives of desperation.” It’s at this point, the point of desperation, that you must be prepared to face a brutal and profound truth: Nothing will change unless you’re willing to set yourself on a new path. Fortunately, this is not as difficult or as traumatic as it might sound.

The first step on the path to freedom is simple: You must become aware of your situation and the truth of your life. Only then, in a quiet moment of introspection, can you destroy those parts of your life that hold you back and keep you enslaved.

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