You Must Destroy Yourself to Change Your Life

Any person who’s tried to change their life has, at some point, had to enter a destroyer mindset to create change and move past destruction on to creation. During this transition, there is a risk that the person might destroy themselves in the process. This is why the destroyer stage is so difficult to navigate. That being said, people from all walks of life manage to find a way through destruction into creation.

Business executives, single mothers, addicts, entrepreneurs, teachers, murderers, and saints all occupy the same destructive space. Good or evil, rich or poor, everyone wants change. The desire for destruction is so strong it echoes through history. We need destruction to lay waste to the old and make room for the new. Here, destruction can be used as a force for good or chaos. We see the chaotic desire for destruction in the story of the young man who dreamed of becoming an artist. 

Creative Dreams, Destructive Nightmares

The year was 1908, and the young man spent his days drawing and painting around the streets of Vienna, one of the great cultural cities in Europe. Seeking nothing less than artistic greatness, the man applied to Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts. Unfortunately, the academy rejected the man’s application on the grounds that he had a greater talent for architecture than painting. The young artist labeled this moment a crisis point and a “bolt out of the blue.” It was at this point, a point of great psychological disturbance, that the young artist transitioned from a dream of creation to a dream of destruction. 

No one could predict that this unremarkable individual would go on to create a level of destruction and suffering that was unprecedented in human history. To this day, you can see the man’s paintings in private galleries and collections around the world―the infamous signature “Adolf Hitler” scrawled in paint across the bottom of each canvas.

We see examples of destruction throughout history. In the same way that it’s easier to destroy a rainforest than it is to plant trees, it’s easier to destroy life than to create it. While destruction brings death and ruin, it also opens up a path to rebirth and renewal. If you wish to move forward, you must first destroy harmful attachments, dysfunctional beliefs, and destructive behaviors. Creative destruction means destroying old paths that divert you away from reaching your full potential. 

Destruction Leads to Creation

Does your job cause you stress and dissatisfaction? Are you trapped in a relationship that eats away at your soul? Do you find yourself surrounded by people who criticize you for no other reason than to make themselves feel better? On a more ethereal level, you might feel as though your life is moving in the wrong direction. You know something is wrong. There’s an underlying sense of unease that won’t go away. Even if you don’t know where this feeling comes from, it’s important to listen and pay close attention to your instincts. 

Why do you feel uncomfortable? In this situation, your discomfort is necessary because it lights a fire within your soul and shines a light on your problems. Are you distressed? Are you upset with the state of your relationship? Do you feel as though you’re heading in the wrong direction? Do you feel lost and directionless? Once you become aware of your situation, it’s time to make a change. Destruction, in this case, must occur before change can take place.

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