She's Not Messaging Like Before | Has She Lost Interest or Met Another Guy?

She’s Not Messaging Like Before | Has She Lost Interest or Met Another Guy?

If a girl has stopped messaging you like before and you’re wondering if she’s doing it on purpose. Or if she’s met another guy, this article will guide you through this difficult situation.

But first, let’s go through an email, and we’ll talk about this in more detail.

Hey Chris, I recently started messaging a girl on Instagram, and everything went really well, and we met up after a week or so. We agreed to meet again after a few days, but she got really bad news, and in the afternoon, she canceled the date. She said she was stressed out because she had to deal with her thesis and family issues.

If she’s ignoring you because she has some problems with family and is under stress, she’ll pull away. Anytime a woman feels pressure in a relationship, they will back away from you. That’s just the way he goes. But when this happens, you must also back off and give her space.

I learned from your book Atomic Attraction the importance of being stoic and patient. I think I’m doing a really good job, but I don’t like what is going on and wonder if there is another guy in the background. She seems to have changed and is not messaging me like before. This waiting is getting more and more difficult. Weeks earlier, she messaged me all day, but now without any warning, she’s changed her behavior and is growing increasingly distant. But when I reach out to her, she’s like the same as before, but she’s just not reaching out to me at all.

Is there any chance of overthinking, and is there a way to make her miss me and want to talk to me? I can’t believe her initial attraction for me just disappeared because I felt that everything was good.

If you’re worried that she’s just going to go and meet another guy, or she’s lost interest in you, then stop and take a deep breath. Don’t panic and act out of anxiety; otherwise, she’s just going to lose interest and really pull away from you.

Why She’s Ignoring You

When a woman pulls away, they don’t forget about you, and nine times out of ten they don’t have another guy they want to be with. That’s not what happens. What happens is they start to get more interested in you and think about you even more. Especially if you pull away in response and mirror her and give her space.

If you have one guy giving a girl a thousand roses and love bombing the hell out of her and another guy who goes about his business and doesn’t message her that that much, which guy do you think she’ll choose?

They choose the guy who isn’t chasing her and the guy they have to work to win over. Women will always pull away at some point in time. They do this to test a man or because the man is acting too feminine and relationship-focused. Women won’t stay the same as they were in the beginning because life changes and relationships change. If she’s stressed out or you’ve been taking up too much of her time, she will want to get back to normal life.

If she feels like you’re constantly messaging and calling, she’s going to wonder, what are you doing with your life? Don’t you have anything else better to do with your time? Remember, as a man you must focus on yourself and your mission. If you do that, she won’t forget about you, she won’t’ run off with someone else, and she will come back to you with higher attraction.