Dating a Cam Girl

So You’re Dating a Cam Girl | What You Should Know

I have a good friend, let’s call him Paul, Who was dating a girl before she became a cam girl. The relationship was going well, and Paul’s girlfriend worked a 9-to-5 job, making a decent salary. She was, at this time, relatively stable, loving, and affectionate. Then everything changed the moment Paul told her about cam work, not suggesting that she do this type of work, but telling her that he liked to look at cam girls sometimes. (I know 🤦‍)

The next thing you know, Paul’s girlfriend is looking at cam girls too because she wants to see what these girls are like. Then she sets up her own profile, and a week later, she’s doing private sessions with complete strangers—the appeal of easy money.

The side effect of all this: she became less loving and affectionate towards Paul. Her sex drive plummets, and she has no energy and time to spend with him. She couldn’t invest in him like before because she was putting all her energy into talking to guys online.

Dating a Cam Girl

Dating a cam girl comes with a set of new challenges that men have never had to contend with before. This kind of work is new in the grand scheme of things. But it’s my experience that it does a lot of damage to women and makes dating a cam girl difficult.

I say this because cam girls get so much attention, a LOT of attention from beta males, that they often lose respect for men, and they also lose respect for themselves. They start to test more, become more cold and withdrawn, and become more difficult to deal with the longer they stay in the cam game.

We knew there were many beta males around before, but we’re starting to realize now how prevalent the beta male is (i.e., most men in society). Many men start talking to cam girls online and mistake the fact that the girl is there for work instead of a relationship.

The men don’t see this or ignore this fact and try to start a relationship with the girl. Now granted, sometimes the girls reciprocate and fall for their clients too. But the road ahead is rocky and never smooth, no matter how much you hope or pray for comfort and ease.

As most cam girls are based in Eastern Europe or South America, if you try to get into a relationship with a cam girl, you’re getting yourself into a long-distance relationship.

Men Who Date Cam Girls

Let’s talk about the men who do manage to get into a relationship with a cam girl. These men usually fall into one of two categories: 1) they are rich and shower the girl with gifts and money; 2) they are physically attractive, and the girl becomes intrigued, wanting to find out more about the guy.

The first case is a dud, and no need to elaborate on this further. The second case is more interesting but still headed for disaster. Keep in mind that any emotional connection or interesting conversation a girl can have online makes her job easier.

Cam work also brings another problem into the equation. It can kill a girl’s appetite for sex and intimacy. Suppose a girl is talking to multiple men, flirting with them, and doing private sessions for hours on end. How do you expect her to have the same kind of energy as a normal girl when it comes to an intimate relationship? It’s too much to hope for.

If you’re dating a cam girl and she doesn’t have as much time for you anymore, or she doesn’t want to have sex with you like before, that’s a sign that she’s experiencing cam fatigue.

Sure, she can make easy money by staying at home, taking her clothes off, but it does nothing to build intimacy between the two of you. She’s going to be too busy making money, giving beta males attention, that she’s left exhausted at the end of the day and only wants rest and recovery at the end of the day.

Even so, there’s a shelf life on cam work. There’s a ton of competition between girls, and it’s a zero-sum game where the most beautiful women take the most profits. Also, it’s common for women to get burnt out and emotionally drained doing cam work.

Imagine staying in a room talking to random people on the Internet all day. It takes a toll. Cam work is unfulfilling and shallow work; that’s not to say that it isn’t skillful in its own way. It’s also stressful for the woman and any man she is in a relationship with.

Chance of Dating Success?

Most men don’t want to share their girlfriends, and they certainly don’t want their girlfriends taking their clothes off. While a man dating a cam girl might try to convince himself that he’s sexually progressive and “cool” with her doing this kind of work, most of these men are deluding themselves.

That being said, most camgirls will drop out of this type of work when their boyfriend threatens to leave them because they won’t tolerate the situation if this happens. Or they start being recognized in public, getting unwelcome attention from guys who recognize them from the Internet.

On the flip side, a lot of women stay in the game because it provides them with a good living, lots of attention, and excessive doses of validation. Still, in times of difficulty, stress, or financial trouble, cam girls will generally return to this type of work, even if it’s only for a short time.

Suppose you’re dating a cam girl (which is becoming increasingly common). In that case, you can’t expect her to have as much excitement and interest in you as a regular girl.

This is especially true if her workload has increased and she’s become busier over the past week or so. Women are, however, women. They want the same things. They want a man who is strong and confident.

They want a future, and they want the hope of one day starting a family. This is always on their mind. Sometimes it’s at the back of their mind, and sometimes it’s at the front of their mind; nonetheless, the thought is there, percolating beneath the surface.

Cam girls understand that this kind of work can jeopardize their future, and many girls intuitively understand this. If you’re dating a cam girl, go in with no expectations and low levels of investment. And if you’re thinking about dating a cam girl… well, the heart wants what the heart wants, just keep your head screwed on.