Why Your Girlfriend Must Chase You To Find You Attractive

Why Your Girlfriend Must Chase You To Find You Attractive

If you’ve ever wondered why your girlfriend must chase you to find you attractive, this is the article for you. Even more interesting is that these findings are based on solid scientific research. Once you’ve read this article you’ll understand why it’s crucial for your girlfriend to chase you in the relationship.

In this article you’ll find out why…

  • Women find men more attractive when they have to chase them.
  • Why you should never feel sorry for a girl and be too nice!
  • You need to get your girlfriend to work for your attention if she’s going to truly appreciate you.

A lot of men are terrified that if they suddenly pull away from their girlfriend, then their girlfriend is going to lose attraction for them and she’ll suddenly disappear off the face of the earth. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

I understand this fear and it’s one of the most common mistakes I’ve seen. Boy meets girl. Girl initially does most of the chasing and pursuing, then suddenly the boy falls in love with the girl and starts chasing her more and more. The girl finds this behavior increasingly unattractive and she decides to withdraw her attention as her attraction starts to fade.

Another thing that holds men back is the fact that they feel bad pulling away from their girlfriend, forcing her to do most of the chasing. But picture this scenario:

Peter has been dating Jane for a couple weeks. In the beginning everything was going great. Jane would call Peter up and want to hang out with him, and Peter would do the same. They had a lot of fun together and the sex was great.

As time went on, Peter started to get more and more attached to Jane (it’s always a big mistake for a man to invest too much into a woman in the early stages of a relationship). Peter then started calling Jane every day, texting her and making her the focus of his life. Little did Peter realize that Jane was starting to lose attraction for him…

Why Being Overly Responsive Will Turn Your Girlfriend Off

When a woman is responsive to a man and empathetic towards him, the man will find the woman more feminine and attractive. Men will also like the woman a lot more if she is responsive.

So what happens when a man is highly responsive towards his girlfriend?

An interesting study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that women perceive men who are more responsive to be less attractive. The reason for this is most likely down to the fact that responsive men who chase women are perceived to be more feminine, more vulnerable and desperate, and less dominant.

So the next time you feel bad for pulling back and letting your girlfriend come to you and chase you—don’t! It’s what she wants you to do. The interesting thing is that your girlfriend doesn’t even realize that she will find you more attractive if you do this.

Even though Western society and Hollywood has conditioned guys to think that women want us to chase them, women don’t respond positively to this behavior.

Your girlfriend might tell you that she wants you to chase her, but her animal instincts won’t respond to this.

Women Love The Chase

The ChaseThe crazy thing about all this is that by ignoring women, you’ll make them more attracted to you.

Now a lot of men have women around them who they don’t find that attractive, but these women end up falling head over heals in love with these men, all because these men ignored them and acted with indifference towards them.

However, try ignoring your girlfriend if you find her incredibly sexy and attractive and it becomes really difficult to pull this off. You’re going to need balls of steel in this situation.

Let’s imagine that you are really into your girlfriend. She’s beautiful and sexy and on top of that she’s a top quality woman—the kind of girl you could actually see yourself wanting to commit to. How do you maintain the attraction with a woman like this?

The simple answer is that you have to treat her like any other girl. You have to get her to chase you. You have to act indifferent and be less responsive than you are naturally inclined to be. Every time you think about reaching out to that super-hot girlfriend that you love to bits, pull back safe in the knowledge that by being less responsive you’re making yourself more attractive as a man.

I always recommend that a man save the chit-chat and emotional talk for his close male friends. Your buddies won’t judge you the same way that a woman will. Your male friends will be able to completely understand where you’re coming from because their emotions are male emotions too.

Over the years I’ve seen guys beg, cry and plead for their girlfriends to give them love and sex. I’ve seen situations where guys have gone to professional psychologists and therapists with their problems, and these therapists have told them to “open up to their girlfriends and reveal all their inner-most feelings and emotions.”

I mean, are you kidding me? Is this supposed to be professional advice? This advice is not only relationship suicide, it’s love and attraction suicide too!

The more you chase your girlfriend, the more you’ll drive her away and the more she’ll take you for granted.

Women Appreciate What They Have To Work For

If your girlfriend has to chase you and work her butt off to get your attention, do you think she’ll ever get bored of you or lose interest in you? Of course not.

Men who have great, long-lasting relationship with attractive women understand that they must get the woman to invest in them and chase them.

I once had a very attractive girl stalk me and blow my phone up constantly because she was so used to guys chasing her and calling her all the time. I flipped the table on her.

This girl had never had a guy pull away from her and make her do the chasing. The effect this had was incredible as I watched this girl turn from an arrogant man-eater into a submissive little girl who was all over me, and begging me to sleep with her—all because I made her chase me.

I had another client whose girlfriend had pulled away from him and wouldn’t show him any physical affection. After just one consultation session we were able to diagnose exactly why his girlfriend had pulled away from him and where he was going wrong in his behavior (he was becoming increasingly weak and needy and desperate for her love and affection).

I told my client to make a complete emotional and physical withdrawal from his girlfriend. His girlfriend acted cool about this for about 3-4 days, but after about a week she began to get more and more anxious. My client was able to turn the tables completely on his girlfriend and move from a state of chasing her, to her chasing him and initiating sex on a regular basis.

Understanding and mastering the art of the chase is one of the most important things a man can do when it comes to success in dating and relationships.

If you want a more loving and devoted girlfriend, getting her to chase you is not an option, it’s critical.