Weakness Will Drive Your Girlfriend Away (Part 2)

Weakness Will Drive Your Girlfriend Away (Part 2)

In Weakness Will Drive Her Away (Part 1), one of my readers was having problems because his girlfriend wasn’t meeting his needs sexually. This eventually lead to her leaving him.

Why did she refuse his sexual needs and leave him?

Because he showed weakness and this turned her off.

A lot of guy’s think that once they’ve got the girl, especially married men, that the hard work is now over. The truth is, the work never stops with women. You have to keep courting and dating her, but doing it in a way that she sees you as strong and attractive.

In the case where a woman leaves a man for being weak and unattractive (as is the case with our reader), then there are certain things you must do in order to win her back.

Stop Putting Her First

man slaveI’ve got two good friends who always get dumped by women.

These men are really nice guys but they all display the same qualities and traits around women…

They buy them a lot of gifts. They are always the first to call and text a girl. After you start dating a girl, a man should never be the first one to contact a girl—remember, a girl should come to you, not the other way round.

These two friends of mine get upset if the girl isn’t happy and will do anything to please her. These men all have the wrong life purpose, they put the woman first in their life.

I know it sounds romantic and it’s what society tells us we should do, but guess what… what the movies and women and society tells us we should do in relationships is 95% of the time wrong.

The kind of man a woman is attracted to and never leaves is a man who is indifferent. He has his own life purpose and mission. And a woman knows he can live without her and she can’t control him.

Our reader in Part 1, showered his girlfriend with gifts and affection and attention, and he’s got nothing but a broken relationship to show for it.

What Would James Bond Do?

What Would James Bond Do?He’s the ultimate ladies man and for good reason. The Bond movies are pretty much the only movies where they get it right with women. Forget Hitch and all those other toxic movies. Bond is the man you want to model.

You don’t need to dress like him. You don’t need to look like him. You don’t even need to have a cool job like him. You just have to display the same masculine traits as him.

The one trait that Bond displays is complete indifference, mixed with an easygoing charm, mystery and humor

Can you imagine Bond begging his girlfriend for a blowjob? Of course not. Bond has an abundance mentality. He knows that if he doesn’t get what he needs from one women, he’ll be getting it from another woman.

Can you imagine Bond continuously calling and texting a girl to try to get her back? Or Bond canceling an important assignment because he had to stay home this weekend to clean the house for his girlfriend?

No fucking way! But that might make for a pretty good comedy.

Make It Your Way Or The Highway

Make It Your Way Or The HighwayThe strongest position you can ever hold is to be willing to walk away. This applies to business and relationships. No one can hold anything over you or control you or upset you if you’re willing to walk away when you’re not happy with the terms.

The strange thing is that once you show your hand and people realize that you’re willing to walk away, they’ll usually bend to meet your needs.

(A lot of guys are massively over-invested in a woman. They give her everything and put all their faith in her. When you do this a woman can sense it and it and it’s a huge turn-off because you’re communicating to her that you don’t have other options. They know this guy will never walk away from them.)

When a woman leaves a man because he’s weak, he’s going to have to show her that he’s no longer weak. How does he do this?

By not chasing her and not giving into her demands. If she asks you what you’re doing, remain elusive. Tell her you’re busy. If she asks you what you are busy doing, simply tell her that you’ve got a lot of stuff on at the moment. If she presses you further, tell her you don’t have time to explain and you can talk more in person.

Bottom line is that you don’t want to be spending lots of time on the phone talking to your ex (or any girl for that matter). You need to use the phone and email to organize a date or meetup in person. This means you don’t contact her and you let her come to you. Then you set a date to meet her again in person.

When you actually meet up with your ex girlfriend, remain playful, humorous and indifferent to the outcome—all the while you want to be leading the interaction towards sex. However, don’t be the one to touch her first, let her be the one to always touch you. And if you’re not sure how to act around her, ask yourself this question: what would James Bond do?

He’d show her a good time. He’d be fun and relaxed and he’d steer her directly towards the bedroom.