Your Lover Is Not Your Mother

Your Lover Is Not Your Mother

Women by design have hypergamous natures. This means that women are hard-wired to mate with men they view as superior to themselves. Hypergamy also states that if a woman senses weakness in a man, she’ll look to fill the void with another man of superior strength.

Hypergamy is one of the main reasons why women cheat on their partners. And when you understand the concept of hypergamy, it’s no longer a surprise that a study found that approximately one out of every twenty-five fathers are biologically unrelated to their children.

Hypergamy is the reason why you must be eternally vigilant around women.

No Woman Can Love You Like Your Mother

When you view women through the prism of your own relationship with your mother, it’s easy to assume that all women are kind and supportive. The truth is, it’s impossible for a woman to love you in the same way your mother loves you. You are your mother’s flesh and blood. When your mother looks at you, she sees herself. You are as much a part of her as she is a part of you.

Part of the reason why men assume that women are such sweet, loving creatures is that their own mothers have always been so devoted and loving towards them.

Therefore, it stands to reason that every woman must be the same. And it’s true, all women do have the same emotional capacity for love, but that unconditional love won’t be directed towards you; instead, a woman’s unconditional love is saved exclusively for her children.

Women Want You For Sex and Reproduction

Any man who’s experienced the sudden withdrawal of a once sweet, loving girlfriend or wife knows that a woman’s love isn’t unconditional. Far too many men make the mistake of treating their girlfriends and wives like a substitute mother. They believe their partner will always be there for them. After all, their mothers were always there for them and would forgive them no matter what. Therefore, it stands to reason that all women must be the same.

The moment you start treating your lover like your mother is the moment your lover starts looking for someone else to love.