It Pays to Make Women Feel Anxious and Uncertain

According to a study published in the journal Psychological Science titled “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not… Uncertainty Can Increase Romantic Attraction,” anxiety has been shown to increase a woman’s attraction for a man.

These days, it’s often more beneficial for a man to bring a sense of anxiety and uncertainty into a relationship with a woman as opposed to bringing a sense of security and certainty. Women, of course, don’t enjoy being thrust into a state of anxiety.

But results are what count here, and research shows that women feel heightened levels of attraction for men when they feel anxious. Again, it’s not our concern whether this is unethical or immoral, it’s simply a matter of knowing what women respond to and what actions get results.

Women Respond to Anxiety

Women don’t respond to safety and security with happiness, loyalty, and affection. In reality, when a woman feels safe and secure she’s more likely to pull away, create unnecessary drama, get bored, and lose interest. To grab a woman’s attention, you must first give the impression that a relationship is the last thing on your mind. If a woman has to fight to be in a relationship with you, she’ll find you even more irresistible and charming.

Numerous psychological studies show that objects and people are perceived to be more desirable and attractive when in limited supply. This is the same reason why people covet diamonds—a mineral perceived to have limited availability.

If diamonds were in abundance, people would no longer spend thousands of dollars to acquire them. The same concept applies to relationships. If you actively seek love from women and try to make a woman feel safe and secure, you send the signal that your love has little value because it’s easily acquired. You instill neither anxiety nor scarcity, and as a result, your value as a romantic prospect is greatly diminished.