Get Your Girlfriend Back By Giving Her Space

Get Your Girlfriend Back By Giving Her Space

This article will show you why it’s so important to give your girlfriend space. As one of my readers below found out, it’s crucial to give a woman space.

My wife of three years no longer wants to have sex with me. She says that she’s lost interest and doesn’t feel turned on like before. We used to have an amazing sex life but for the last two months we’ve only had sex about three times. And I could see she wasn’t into it.

Now she’s suggesting that we should spend some time away from each other (This is important!). I don’t know what I did wrong. I love her so much. I don’t think we need to spend time apart, in fact, I even suggested we spend more time together, but whenever I bring this up she just gets angry and stonewalls me (Why aren’t you listening to her?).

it’s tearing me up inside. How can someone want you and then be suddenly not interested anymore? (Because you’re not listening to her and you’re not giving her space, it’s as simple as that.)

I don’t know what she’s thinking and feel like the woman I know and love is slipping away from me (Your feelings are pretty much spot on here). It seems like the harder I try to fix our problems the more I push her away.

Please help,


(You said it yourself, you’re trying too hard to pursue her and you’re not giving her space to let attraction grow—therefore she can only react in one way, that is to lose attraction for you. Give her space ASAP if you want to have any chance of getting her back.)

I’ve seen this a lot. It happens all the time. People get bored of each other. People do change. People want different things. But this isn’t the main reason that people lose attraction for their partner and leave them.

You know what the biggest relationship killer is?

Lack Of Space Will Kill Any Relationship

Mike’s wife was bored of sex because she lost attraction for him. Why did she lose attraction? Because he’s wanting to be with her all the time. Mike thinks that he needs to spend more time with her when he should be spending more time away from her.

Mike thinks that he has to force the situation and do something to get his wife to fall back in love with him, what Mike doesn’t realize is that he should be doing the opposite, he shouldn’t be doing anything except give his wife the space she needs.

get-her-back-by-giving-her-more-spaceRelationships get stale and boring as soon as couples settle into a routine.

They see each other all the time, they eat together, sleep together, talk on the phone all the time, message each other, shower together, even go to the bathroom and brush their teeth in front of each other. Now it might seem cute in the beginning, but subconsciously all this does is slowly kill attraction for your partner.

Lack Of Space Turns A Woman Off

A lot of the time a woman will really want to save a relationship with a man and she will tell him directly, “Hey, listen up. I need space. I need some time apart.”

Unfortunately most men will suddenly start thinking: “Oh my God, she’s leaving me. It’s over. That’s it. Red alert. Red alert. I’ve got to take action now and fix this problem!”

The important thing is not to freak out when she says this. Don’t get needy and clingy—this will only turn a woman off even more and make her think that you’re a weak man who can’t survive without her.

Instead, take a deep breath. Acknowledge what she says, listen to her, and say that you think having space is a great idea. I know you don’t want space. And I know you can’t stand being apart from her. Who said your medicine was going to taste good, but you still have to take it.

A man should always be taking action, and moving forward and improving himself whether through education, business, health, fitness, or personal projects. Time apart will be the best thing for you right now as well as your partner.

And to put it simply, if you don’t give your girlfriend/wife space, your chance of getting her back is almost zero. Give her space and I’d knock the odds back up to around 75% that you’ll be able to get her back (unless there’s something else going on that she’s not telling you about.